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CHAPTER 6-Bad dreams

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In the cell there are fewer people than usual, many of them still have to be busy, taking advantage of the calm you lie down on the straw bed, a little rest can certainly not hurt,you get sleep quickly. After some time you suddenly open the eyes, you are gagged! you realize that above you there is the guard, with his penis in one hand, whith the other he is blocking both your arms, he says "I told you I would punish you! here is your big punishment!" he crushes you and stabs his penis in your anus, starting to bang you violently, you try to scream, but the gag prevents you from making even a single sound!The guard rapes you for a while, until it come in your ass, once finished he gets up and throws you a spank on the ass exclaiming "really a nice hole, too bad it's so wide!"
then he gets up and leaves the cell, leaving you without strength, exhausted and with painful anus you collapse from tiredness, the next morning you wake up and you line up with the other prisoners, then you are given the usual green soup, which you drink it all in one sip, and that at least raises you up a little, then the usual dunmer arrives who takes you women to the shared bathrooms, where they start to wash you, but when the dunmer makes to wash your anus all the cum of the guard starts to come out, making the dunmer laugh, saying "someone filled you well yesterday!" , you don't answer, he finishes washing you and all of the women are led to the various rooms

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