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CHAPTER 8- special task

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After lying on the straw bed, you fall asleep, you sleep all night, morning comes and after you have all lined up and eaten your ration of soup,
you are brought along with the other women to be washed,once arrived in the bathrooms as usual you are washed by the usual dunmer, who once reached with the sponge your anus tells you "every day you come here your ass is more and more open! continuing so soon we can use it as an object holder!"
also this time you shut up, without answering, the man finishes washing you and then you go to the other girls, to be brought back to the room, but you see a guard who approaches you, and says "today come with me, someone asked for your presence "said that the guard puts a hood on your head and grabs you by the arm, starting to pull you somewhere, without resisting you follow her, after walking for a while, the guard stops, and takes your hood off and says "today you will serve rich customers, satisfy them 
maybe you will be rewarded, now get dressed and follow me"
Behind the door you see a wardrobe, once opened inside you see several skimpy clothes. the guard tells you "fast, choose one and get dressed,move!" from inside the wardrobe you take a dress similar to those of the women who serve at the tables in the inns, but with a much shorter skirt, which leaves your private parts exposed, with that dress you also find a pair of thongs, you put one of them on immediately, who barely covers your vagina, once you put your clothes on, you realize that he barely covers your breast, probably as soon as you bend a tit he will jump out, but at least you will no longer have to walk naked once you are ready the guard also gives you a pair of thigh high boots with a high heel, once worn you get up and the guard says "now enter this room and don't try to do stupid things, we always see you"
That said the guard opens a door behind him and lets you in, there is a corridor with another door at the end, you walk towards it every now and then you lose your balance because of high heels, once inside the door, you are in a room with four men, two of them you recognize them immediately, they are the ones who fucked you on the pillory, the other two are also dunmer, one of them in a gorgeous dress,says to you "I am the owner of this brothel, my two friends told me that you have a beautiful body and that you can do it with this job, satisfy us four and I will consider giving you a promotion ".
In the middle of the room there is a round carpet, where the owner makes you kneel, once on your knees you are surrounded by the four men, who drop all their pants, pulling out their penises, the owner approaches you and puts his penis in your mouth,one of them lies under you and sticks his penis in your vagina, while the third kneeling behind you starts to fuck you in the ass, the fourth man says, "this whore has no more holes! what am I doing now?" with one of your hands you grab his penis and start to saw it, after having fucked you well the four men come, and the owner says "it's time to change positions, this time the anus is mine!" and then all four of them start fucking you again, changing holes every time.
Several hours have passed, and every one of the four men has fucked you at least once in each hole, you are literally exhausted, but you hear the owner say "impressive, you made us all come several times! guard! take this whore to her new room" a guard approaches you and lifts you up, and after putting your hood back on, start walking.After a while the guard stops,take your hood off and thrown you on a bed, the guard says "this will be your room, from tomorrow things will change, now sleep!"then the guard leaves the room and closes you inside.

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