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CHAPTER 5-Poor girl

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The room is the same as yesterday, after sitting on the bed you hear the door open,seeing a dunmer man enter accompanied by one of the girls brought to the prison in your same cage, behind them you see the same guard of yesterday, who after entering locks the door, then heard the dunmer say to you "now i want you to start masturbating each other, I want to see some girl action! " you look at the other girl and say "better to start, I don't want to fail because of you" trying to get closer to her,she starts to get away from you, making the guard nervous, who grabs her by the hair and pushes her on the bed, exclaiming to you "start!before I get tired and send you both back to the chaurus!".
In front of you there is a poor girl immobilized by the dunmer, you really don't want to go back to the chaurus, it doesn't matter even if you have to take advantage of a girl, you start kissing her, and in the meantime with one hand you start to masturbate her, and with the other the palpate her breast,in the meantime you see the dunmer who starts to jerk in front of you, you start to insist more and more with the girl, until she comes, she screams and,for the first time you notice that on the hand with which you masturbated her there is some blood, it was the first time that girl was fucked in the vagina, and it was you deflowering her, while a dunmer sawing herself looking at you.
Looking towards the dunmer you realize that he is still sawing himself, with one hand he grabs your head and puts his penis in your mouth, coming into your throat, after having pulled your penis out of your throat you feel he says to the guard "I'm done with she, take her away, now I want to have some fun with the other girl"
the guard comes up to you and says "get up, and follow me, that's enough for today" obediently you follow the guard and going out of the door you see the dunmer who is trying to fuck the other girl, hearing the guard saying "move! o I punish you! " you turn your head and start to follow the guard who brings you back to the cell

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