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CHAPTER 4- Taste of dunmer dick



Once they have finished washing you and the other girl are led along a corridor, where each girl is conducted in a different room, once inside your room you hear the door locking, taking advantage of the calm you look around in the room for a while, not and very large place, thanks to torches the whole room is well illuminated, in a corner you see a straw bed, behind you find a wooden trunk,on the other side you see a curtain, while you approach it you feel that someone is turning the key in the lock of the door, making you turn suddenly, from the door you see a dunmer coming in, while he approaches you you feel a strong smell of alcohol coming from him , step back but you find yourself back against the wall, the dunmer exclaims "today there is a new whore, it was time! the one before had lost the desire to rebel, today I will have fun with you" as soon as he finish talking he starts to palpate your breast , at first you try to get it off, but then the words of the dunmer come back to you, the last thing you want is to return to get pregnant by the chaurus.
With the other hand the man begins to touch your vagina, inserting inside his fingers, making you emit a groan of pain, he star to masturbate you, once you have come, he says "it's time for the meal, kneel and open the mouth "obedient, you do what he told to do, the man drops his pants and you see his penis already become hard, he says" start sucking whore, satisfy me and for today I will be good with you ".
You start sucking his penis, it is definitely bigger than the others, better try to satisfy it with this blowjob,the last thing you want is for nothing else to enter your vagina after spending all that time at the mercy of the chaurus.
You put all your effort into sucking the dunmer's penis, making him come after a short time, once he comes, he tells you to swallow all his seed, as a good whore obey and thank for the meal, the dunmer looks towards you and she says "you were good, really a great blowjob, I will ask for you next time" and then put on his pants and leave the room,when he comes out you hear the door being locked again, taking advantage of the calm you get up and sit on the bed, to catch your breath, after a short time, you hear the door open again---, this time you see two dunmer enter, they seem like miners, behind them you see an armed guard who, approching you, exclaims "get up! it's time for a special service, follow me!" the guard begins to walk towards the tent at the end of the room, taking it and moving it, behind the tent you see another larger room, in which several tools are positioned, you see some yoke, a pillory, an x cross and a wooden horse.
You start to be scared when you hear one of the two dunmer say to the guard "today we want the pillory, tie the whore on it",the guard approaches you and grabs you by the arm, making you approach the pillory exclaiming "kneel and put yourself in the pillory, better if you move, I don't have all day" terrorized you kneel and position yourself, with a rapid movement the guard blocks the your hands and your neck in the pillory, all of this will be less terrible than being impregnated by a churus.
after making sure that the pillory is properly closed, the guard goes towards the exit of the room, locking the door, you only see a dunmer in front of you, the second must be behind you, behind your back you hear the sound of clothes fallen on the ground , and then a voice say "better plug her mouth, they get annoying when they start screaming",in front of you see the first dunmer lowering his pants and pulling out his already hard penis, that after taking you by the hair he slaps his penis in your mouth
starting to move it in and out of your throat, while it makes you suck,you hear the other dunmer say "now it's my turn! it will hurt a little! but don't worry, after a while it will start to like you" suddenly you feel his penis being pushed by force inside your ass, you try to scream in pain, but because of the penis in your throat no scream comes out,the two elves spend some time fucking you, occasionally they switch positions.
You are defenseless with two elves who are filling every your  hole with their cum, after coming several times the two elves call the guard, saying that they have finished, and then get dressed and leave the room, the guard opens the pillory and lifts you up, you are too exhausted to react, and with difficulty you stand up, the guard begins to drag you along the corridor until you return to the cell, where he throws you over a straw bed, your eyes close with fatigue, making you fall asleep immediately, after having slept for a few hours you are suddenly awakened by the scream of a guard,who is telling you to stand in line, still exhausted and staggering you stand next to the other prisoners, once all in line a guard passes by each of you and gives you a bowl with some strange green soup inside, saying "for the new girls, this is your meal, eat! " once handed over the soup to all the prisoniers,the guard leaves the cell and goes away.
Hungry and thirsty you drink the soup all in one sip, it has a bitter taste, but after having drunk it, you feel the strength go back,after a while you see the dunmer who orders all the women to follow him,again take all of you to the common bathroom, where they wash you again and then come again led each one of the women into the various rooms, who knows what terrible thing will happen to you today


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