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CHAPTER 3- the prison



CHAPTER 3--You spend some time being raped and then lay chaurus eggs several times, now you are getting used to it, but one day after laying eggs you see some falmers approaching you and some other girls, untiing you and then throwing yourself in a cage on a cart, which is dragged by some chaurus, after having loaded all of you, put a sheet over the cart as if they didn't want to show where they are taking you, after a while the cart stops and you see the door of the cage open, outside you see a dunmer, who tells you to go down, obediently you all go down, you realize you are in a prison, like those of a castle, but with a single large cell, where inside you see other humans, both male and females, once you get off the cart they have you all lined up to put on your neck a collar of a material very similar to the armor of the chaurus.
After that, both the dunmer and the falmers leave the prison, leaving you with the other prisoners.
You separate from the group of girls and start walking around the prison, trying to talk to someone, maybe they will know why they brought you here, even if no one seems to want to talk, only after trying to insist a male argonian says with tone annoyed "stop bothering us, if if you are so curious to know why you are here don't worry, they have come to get you now, enjoy!"
At that moment he heard the cell door open, a dunmer and two falmers entered, the dunmer exclaims "the newly arrived girls come here, and you don't resist, so it will be easier" once you have all approached, they make you put again all lined up, after which the dunmer says "now we will take you to a shared bathroom, where you will be washed!"following the group you arrive in this bathroom, where there are some male dunmer, who approach you and begin to rub your body with sponges, and then move on to your intimate areas, washing your vagina and your anus, in the while you hear the dunmer who brought you here that says "you have to be cleaned to satisfy customers, we do not admit a failure, if this happens you will go back to being a container for chaurus eggs.


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