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Anthro Deathclaws - FO4



I've been somewhat active in modding lately, but most of that energy has gone into FO4 projects, many of which will probably end up unfinished, because why finish up your WIPs when you can get distracted by shiny new projects instead. :classic_wacko: One of the things I've done has been to tinker around with all the assets I could find to see if I could manage to whip up a working (even if not flawlessly) playable anthro Deathclaw race.


Things seem to have taken up some speed, so here are some WIP pics. All of them pinups because I find it funny yet oddly fitting, for whatever reason. No males because they aren't ready yet, nor I think they ever will be. Ladies just get most of the love, it seems.



(newest set, includes beast feet)










(uses human body + feet)












(Older misc shots)











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3 hours ago, Agent Tex said:

Uh.... why am I turned on by this?

That's quite simple: because FemClaws are hot. :classic_tongue:

8 minutes ago, Encon4 said:

it reminds me the mod "sexout Breeder" Riverside quest

Unless they changed it in later versions, those were just deathclaw themed "monstergirls" (aka humans doing cosplay). Don't think they had actual beastly heads and snouts. Or even bodies, for that matter, as I'm pretty sure those were still ~80% human skin. But then again that mod/quest is probably as close as we've ever gotten to proper anthro deatchlaws in Fallout modding so I see why a connection would be made.

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2 hours ago, Voldearag said:

I would've just stretched all those bikinis over regular Deathclaw bodies.

I mean... you do you, I guess? ? Female Deathclaws is a thing so you could even try and get it done if you really wanted, I suppose.


Seriously, though, in the case of Deathclaws, I do agree a more beastly body suits them better, and not sure if you noticed but that's exactly what Xarna has in the pic outside the spoiler. Problem is, it needs to have all clothing refit for it, and while the original author did convert some items they are... let's say extremely spiky, and not of the "lizard spine spikes" kind.


Thea's body is probably the best balance between beastlyness and being compatible with standard ("human") gear I can come up with without needing every single item and outfit to be refit, and that's why I've gone for it as the default body for the race. Otherwise, if gear always had to be refit, I wouldn't consider it a proper playable race.


Headcanon-wise, they still have a body that is as beastly as Xarna's if not more, though. :classic_rolleyes:

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4 hours ago, BlueRaptorStarBolt said:

Wonder how this project is doing?

V1 is mostly done. Needs a bit of testing, but that's it. Main drag now is writing the description, taking pics, packing the files, etc.


No ETA for it yet but hopefully soon.

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Im super excited for this release! Ill be checking in every now and then. Gonna have a real fun playthrough with this one haha. Great work so far!

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