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  1. I don't know but now I want to find out too. I'm not even sure if that's really happening in-game, only because I don't have experience playing with Sexlab yet. If it is in-game the wolf model is awesome and the animations are too, the bit with the lady holding onto the wolf's paws really makes it feel like it was made for them.
  2. I didn't see any of the replacement dogs ears move in the video, looks like only the original scruffy dog has animated ears.
  3. And hopefully having a happy new year too, I've been away. That's wonderful, I'd love to play a Sergal. Untied_Verbeger has a perfect 3D model of a female Sergal that they made free for anyone to use for anything, could this be of use to you? https://mega.nz/#!Lp8nEKyB!e1IXxQFQNPxbOVBK5SnKHkscBfzJPZXX6WrTjdBYjHk (and original login-required author submission) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27129922/ untiedverbegerSergal (1).mp4
  4. You can do that in Skyrim? I didn't know that, I wanna do that. : >
  5. I don't relate to the second one, so that's interesting.
  6. From what I can visualize of the way this would look wrapped around a flat chest model, yes! I like this much better, did you just draw in that upper musculature? It's a little less varying and rounded than the rest of the map but I like it a lot more than boobs. ❤️ I think I've seen one or two breastless female meshes submitted over the years, but I had to choose between them or digitigrade feet at the time.
  7. I do not. Oh right, that's what normal maps were. Edit: Never mind again, poblivion's sexy legs distracted me.
  8. I think it looks awesome, that's a cool monstery texture! (normal map I know) I like these thick legs that look like weapons and not just fat, makes her look more bestial. If you do multiple versions though can you make one without boobs? : > If possible, please. I'd like that firm midsection to just continue all the way up to her neck.
  9. Pardon me, please tell me if you know, is this Dana Schwartz you speak of also in charge of the upcoming game Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood?
  10. I would've just stretched all those bikinis over regular Deathclaw bodies.
  11. Your favorite seems to be my favorite too, but all of them are beautiful. I'll have to test if they change the wolf "hurt" sound too, I don't know how to find that if they don't replace it, but they're necessary additions anyways, thank you!
  12. ): I didn't watch that when you sent it because I was too worried it was a trick to rasp my sensitivity, but I was looking through my old posts (specifically to check if I had already asked this question) and decided to finally risk clicking that link. Regretted.
  13. Thank you. It'd probably take erasing the shadows and creases from the boob area of your texture and maybe drawing the scales smaller bigger to account for the texture being more compressed in the smaller area, I think. Drachi's textures are the only ones that really hide all the boob definition in that page's screenshots, maybe yours can too though. Derok's Reptilian Feet are basic, but I like them the best out of what's available. Your modern 4K texture probably gives them some much needed muscle definition.
  14. I didn't know you'd made a Derok's Reptilian Feet patch, that is incredible I must say. Don't stop now, there's only one more, but it's going to be suicide. Would you also make a Breastless Argonian Females patch please? I would like to use them together, if possible.
  15. Digitigrade? : > Perfect neck blending, that's always been my peeve.
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