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  1. Can we have a mod where justice mostly favours the men against Dragonborn? for example: a man bumped to the DB and stole some of her money, but she caught him and shouted for the guards. The guards will question what happened, and after reporting the accusation, the Guard asked if there any witnesses. With no witnesses the Guard threated her that making falses statements and accusation is a serious crime and she had to pay 500 gold or being in jail, and the thief demanded a compensation of 200 gold, which he's doing a scene of being a victim. other example: A rapist tries to assault DB but shes successfully repelled, subjugate him and called the guards, and again same thing, that guards will say that she provoked the man and assault him for that she has to pay 300 gold or jail, the rapist demanded a compensation of 500 gold and allowance to fuck her as punishment and lesson not to provoke him and anyone again. Situation of that nature.
  2. I made a request for skyrim with the similar idea, not long ago, in the planes of molag bal
  3. I though about it a while ago. It begins that the DragonBorn dies from any kind of death, then she wokes up naked in the realm of Oblivion, the Molag Bal's Plane Coldharbour, although dragonborn died, she feels like that she has been teleported and alive then She heard the Voice of Molag Bal he said something like a welcoming to his realm, and knowing that she is not a common person he invited her to have a meeting with him(if she can) said that if she can find him He will send her back to life, but he wanted to see her how she will do it, for his amusement. DB trapped in his realm has to play along if she wants to get out, she finds herself in the Hall of torments, it's lurked with daedroths, dremora, scamps Dark Seducers and others Oblivion creatures. It doesn't take long that a creature finds her and started to rape her, then she realized what is all about, unable to defend herself, she has to sneak all the way to Molag Bal. It will be inevitable by some certains events that she will raped by a daedroths, dremoras or a gangbang of scamps and more.(just imagine ).
  4. Do you guys remember the point where the Pack had living Ghouls like chairs, I though adding nude slaves would be nice, not only for chairs but also other furniture, for the raider amusement.
  5. AAF doens't start the animations...maybe it comes from the fact that F4 has been recently updated cuz of E3 2019 and messed with the mods?
  6. Ever you got one of those Jornal and you get a pair of pages seeing asses or erotic poses? asking for a date or service with the description like "Lonely busty young woman who wants some dick, want to swallow with accessible rear" with a phone number and city(or address) that she/he lives. I want something like that, letting the player public on a jornal or web for a date, or service, or looking for the npcs advertisement.
  7. I though some about it for some time requesting a quest of that sort, and looks fitting adding the riekling as dwarfs and Dragonborn as white snow. in the dense forest of falkreith, Dragonborn found what is looked like an abandoned house, although it has some potential to live there she decided to stay, after seeing the interior she though it was some sort of orphanage with 7 small beds. She cleaned the house and the end of the day she was tired and decided to take of her armor and weapons, and layed down on the carpet near the fire. When she woke up, she was surrounded by seven small creatures who were grouping her. She got a jump scare, and scared the creatures too, she got herself in the corner unarmored and unarmed, she studied the creatures and they are armed with unusual sharped pickaxes. Outnumbered, she decided to play nice and tried to talk with them to calm everyone down, one of them said that she cleaned the house, and she should stay with them, also cooking and working in them mines with them. Other said that she could be a "wife clan", that she can sleep and love with everyone. The Dragonborn shocked, wanted to say no, but she was not sure if it is a good idea, they could kill her easelly and also she can't see her equipment that she left, maybe they took it and hidden. She said yes, then the Rieklings tore her clothes and started gangbanging her.... Better stop here otherwise i'll write a huge text as usual of me :P. But you get the idea and imagine might what come.
  8. I'm playing this mod, but when I reach Dragonreach it crashes. I installed Hdt physics and no longer crashes, but the Fps drops drastically to 2 fps...I guess thats progress.... But its unplayable, how do I fix this, i looking around and can't find the right solution.
  9. First time playing sims 4 and I have a question: where can i get the required mods? I can't find them in loverslab so it must be somewhere else. nevermind, I found that they are paid dlcs...and their expensives...
  10. Go get it before it expires and it's yours forever! but is just a standard edition, but hey, at least get trying with mods from Loverslab
  11. I can't get my female character Pregnant, she has the Ova and she's fertile to conceive, but nothing...
  12. good mod, but it would be better with these suggestions: if PC was ensalved by raiders from Evergreen Mill, force her to work at their brothel until escape convice a seduced Raider to get her out in exchange for buried loot that she lied about. Going to the Republic of Dave getting a citizenship, that in exchange PC has to marry with Dave have sex and do whatever he wants, he will lock the PC stuff in his safe, but she will have a chance to run for president, if won The PC gain power and will receive a small amount of caps or useful items per week and receives the key for the safe, while Dave abandon the settlement as usual. Also Dukov place, he will get PC drunk and do perverted things, take away her stuff and lock it until the PC pleases him like 10 times with sex, after setting free there's a option to come back to repeat. Paradise Falls has a great potential for PC being enslaved by a random group of slavers or tricked by Grouse saying that she can enter for business(PC should have good karma), she has to please every slaver until she escapes or being sold to the Pitt (an Alternative way to start the DLC) if done the DLC, she might be sold to Evergreen Mill or fort Bannister for Talon Mercs to have some fun.
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