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  1. I installed the game today, downloaded everything needed, but now when I got to the F4SE, it opens normally but after a while it crashes every time, but it seems that before crashing is trying to load the audio setting, and then goes down. opening through steam works fine though. update: nervermind, erasing the old plugins of F4SE solved the problem.
  2. thanks for the constructive critic, its a helpful feedback, and you right, it's becoming a bit extreme and I planned to keep it like, that but I wasn't sure if was good for the story and the main character itself, first I tried to create situations for the Main Character to endure and become stronger, but somehow it drifted a bit away from my intention. the next part that I plan will stay like that at the beginning but it will get better, for I have some ideas to equilibrate more.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgyqPECGP10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eip4E85lrBc
  4. same here. What a bother...
  5. magic tattoo... now thats a nice touch, might be a good idea for a mod here a slave with a tattoo, even thinks of disobeying or runnnig away, the tattoo will magically punish harshly, physically and mentally. why use chains, cages, and primitive ways of control if tattoos might be cheaper and easier. but of course it could appear a wizard disguised as a traveller tattooist and create through the tattoos a slave nation where everyone answers to him/her. Everyone enslaved guarded by summoned guardians. it gives so many possibilities....
  6. this one might be offensive
  7. I want opinions, should I keep the way the story is going? Like the dirtiness, humilation, degradation and so on. Should I make it less extreme?... or even more extreme? I don't know, I got a lot of crazy ideas and I don't want to upset some people.
  8. Shana woke up after several Hours since the kidnapp, she looked around and found herself in a closed empty room with no windows, she still tied so there's nothing she could do. But a few minutes later one Turian guard opened the door and grabbed her firmly, saying:"Lets go the Boss wants to see you!" Shana walked along with the guard and saw her surroundings and the place doesn't look like the Citadel, is quite dirty, then she asked the Guard where she is, The guard said:" You are in Omega Station, in the Blue Suns secondary HQ, if you are wandering that too!" Shana Heard about the Blue Suns, nasty mercenaries that do dirty jobs for money, but make her wonder why she has been picked... Few minutes later, they arrived to a room where a Batarian Commander lives, the Guard forcelly put Shana on her knees in front of the commander: "So this is the Rich Quarian girl that my boys caught, but I don't believe that you are inherently rich, I bet you just stole that money, but either way, you're still valuable, your family might pay us for your release..." Suddenly, Shana started to feel the shakes, she didn't know if she was nervous with the situation of is the pill finally doing his effect, until she started shaking violently, and started sweat a lot, fell flat on the floor, puking inside the mask where she had trouble breathing. The Blue Suns were caught by suprise her sudden sickness, the Turian guard forcelly removed her mask when he sensed that she was suffocating. Cmd Batarian: "Damn you guys, was the syringe contaminated?? you know that if she dies, she will lose a lot of value! But still... Take her away, lock her up and strip her suit since it has tecnology that might fetch a good price in the black market quickly, the same with her omnitool. Don't kill her by shooting, her body must be intact to exchange to the Flotilla for more value, let the sickness do the job." The Guards Grabbed her and dragged to the same room she was locked, they untied her to strip her naked and left her on the cold floor to die. Shana still shaking, felt the whole body burning and sweating, she started to have diarreha, puking more, terrible headaches, everything in her body felt unbearable, until she couldn't take it and pass out. Several Hours has passed and she finally woke up, her body doesn't shake much probably the lack of strength to do so, she felt hot and the head still aching, she looked at her nude body and saw that she lost some weight, also her lower body is covered in feces from diarreha, she felt so dehidrated and hungry, she went in four legs with great effort to the door, and knocked it while tried to scream, but she felt so weak and her throat is dry, she barelly could talk. The Turian guard outside heard the knock and opened the door, saying:"still alive?? what do you want?" Shana:"Please....Water...I....Water..." Turian Guard:" Sorry, but we know that you're going to die, it's a waste giving water, specially in this Station!" Shana: Please... I do... What... you want...just...some...water..." Turian Guard: "well... if you put it that way... there's something you can do" he started unzip his pants "I really need to take a piss, but a can't abandon my post for like 2 more hours, so you will drink it while I get relieved." Shana felt disgusted by his request, but she was desperate to hidrate herself, she nodded, and opened wide her mouth waiting for it. The turian inserted his penis in her mouth and started relieving, while she started drinking like it tasted life, she don't want to waste a single drop. While it wasn't enough to hidrate her she felt that she can survive for a while longer, but she was hungry, she hasn't eat anything for almost 4 days, she dared for another request. Shana: "I need something... to eat, I haven't eaten... in several days" Turian: well.. since you drinked my piss with satisfaction, I'll give you the especial Meal. The nutritional paste." The Turian inserted his penis in her mouth again but this time he started rubbing in and out, something that Shana never done before, but she was so weak that she let him grab her head and moving her like a doll. He started deep-throating in a vigorous way, while she felt shoking, until He cummed a load worth of 2 months waiting to be released. Turian: "there's your meal, hope you're happy as I am! Wait until the others hear about this... They will laugh and probably they will come here giving the same treatment." Shana started regretting for asking for help but knew that she didn't have other choice, now she might have to drink others guards piss and cum, and the sickness makes the situation even worse that she's forced to be willing to take everything she need to keep the body hidrated and fed. 2 Hours has passed and she started to get hungry and thirsty again, it seems that the effect of the pill consumes a lot of energy and water from the body, no wonder she lost weight so fast, but a group of guards appeared, both humans and turians, they heard from their companion how he treated her and they wanted to give the same thing. Human guard: "come here and drink up my "beer", ha ha." Shana without question opened her mouth waiting for his piss, while a Turian grabbed her butt: "you have a dirty ass, nothing like a golden shower to fix it, he he!" The guards waited their turn to take a piss, in the end Shana must have drinked almost a liter of piss, then the guards started masturbating and ejaculating into a bowl mixed with human and Turian cum, and gave for her to drink, She grabbed the bowl, hoping that she won't die because of nondextro DNA from the humans and started to drink it slowly to the last drop while one of the Guard started taping the moment to share on the Omega Network, with the title "filfhy nude Quarian bitch loves to drink Cum". Even after the humiliation, she felt that her body was fully hidrated and fed, the next day she is recovering and getting better, the headache is less intense, the body temperature lowered a bit, she doesn't shake much, she doesn't feel like puking although the treatment she received yesterday made her wish to puke, but she knows that she might have to do it again until shes fully recovered, but she suprised that she's doing fine without the enviromental suit. Days has passed with the same routine, resting and getting humiliated to get what the body needs, Until the Batarian Cmd, went to her room see if she died, but to his suprise she's alive and with better health. Suspecting that how a Quarian that is so weak against diseases, survived with poor conditions and all, he questioned her: "Who are you really, because you can't be a quarian, there's no way you could survive that!" Shana Said: "I'm Shana'rael vas Ideema, a genuine Quarian!" The CmD found it hard to believe, he started to think that she is a Quarian clone, modified to resist diseases, that she got nothing related with the Flotilla, but he saw an opportunity to make money with her. Cmd Batarian: "Well... since you survived I think you have some value after all... I'm gonna relocate you to the other section of the Station." the Batarian called the guards and gave them instructions. The guard grabbed her and carried her on his lap while the other went to get transport, Shana while fully recovered her muscles are atrofiated, she couldn't stand on her own. After getting a cab, the guards put her on the backseat and travelled to the most populated area of Omega, through the window, she saw all kinds of people, the place is so filthy and shady for her. They reached into a place controlled by the Blue Suns, that looks like an narrow alley with a guarded container. The Guard carried her again, she covered her face because she is naked while they were crossing the street full of people, they went towards the container guarded around five Blue Suns Guards. When they opened the container, Shana saw that there is an old mattress dirty with stains of unkowned fluids, empty bowls and a butcket for necessities. In the dark corner, there's a naked Asari facing the corner while curled, crying quietly, she looks very young, like she hasn't reach her first century yet and she had signs on her arm like stings of syringes. The guard Placed Shana on the mattress, saying that from now on, she will whore herself for the Blue Suns income. Shana didn't know what he meant while a human client already entered to use her, she tried to protest, but being weak she couldn't do anything to stop him, as he garbbed her butt and forcelly put her in four leg, and started penetrate her vagina. She started bleeding for her first penetration, Shana started crying from pain, but perhaps more for feeling defiled by a complete stranger, she hoped that her first time would be special. While Shana is being fucked, a batarian client appeared and went for the Asari that was crying, when she was grabbed she cried loud calling for her mother to help her, the Batarian dragged her to the mattress where Shana was lying with the human. Both the girls were being fucked next to each other, both clients have finished by ejaculated inside the females, as they have finished and payed to the Blue Sun Pimp 15 credits each, more clients appeared. It been like this all day, being fucked by several random aliens in a dirty container, Shana thinks that she fucked at least 30 clients, she felt distressed and sore, it's hard to believe that she found herself in prostitution. In the end of the day, the guards gave them some water and scraps of food, but not enough to keep them properly fed, it seems that she will have to drink cum again every chance she can get while whoring, just to satisfy her hunger. Shana stared at the Asari that she is curled looking down to the bowl, she asked for her name, but to her suprise, the Asari said: "My name is Cumbucket... I don't remember my real name... I don't know how much time ive been here... locked all day and night... getting screwed over and over again, by mean men. Shana asked how she got there, and she said: "I ran away from my mother... over some... Stupid discussion, I think... at that time I was 38 years old... or it was 36?... I got here... I don't know why and how.... I just want my mommy..." The Asari looks mentally broken, it seems that they drug her, to keep her like that. But Shana started to miss her home and the Tutor, the only family she had since she was a child after her parents were killed by the Geth, and she started to crying and regretting everything about the Pilgrimage. At night time, they shared the mattress that is stained with fresh fluids, but the floor is cold, all stinky and even more dirty to lying on it. They hugged to each other since they don't have a blanket to keep themselves warm but also to confort themselves with friendly contact that has been absent, specially for the Asari, they felt asleep together, tired from crying and fucking all day. It seems that's going to be Shana's life from now on, everyday fucking with aliens for the Blue Suns income, in a very degradated enviromment, She wished that the sickness should haved killed her, if she knew that her life would be like this, but now she doesn't get sick at all, like her body is immune to anything. But she's hoping that some miracle will happen and will take her out of there, but only the time will tell.
  9. I all started long before the events of Mass Effect, a Female Quarian reached her age to do the Pilgrimage, Her name is "Shana'rael vas Ideema". Shana is in her tiny bedroom laying on her bed, thinking about her pilgrimage, and how uneasy she feels just to think that she will go out from her safe zone. The Tutor called her for departement, he told her that they should take a shuttle in a hour. Hearing that she got up and started packing some food, water and medicine and some credits around 200, although she doesn't know exactly the credit value in other Aliens societies, she though that 200 would be enough. the Tutor will pilot her to the Citadel, through the mass relays the voyage took around 20 minutes, the tutor asked permition to land on the citadel, while waiting for the aproval the tutor told to Shana that from now on, she will be on her own and to be careful. Shana stepped out the shuttle, then the tutor said farewell and left; Shana went to the security to get permission to enter. Human Security: state your business, don't tell me you just got here for "that pilgrimage". Shana nodded. Human Security: alright, let me register your ID, the fee entrance for first time will be 100 credits and you will get the document. Shana, felt that was a lot for a fee entrance but she remind herself that isn't the Flottila, so she agreed, while thinking of getting a job. Human Security: there ya go and stay out of trouble. Shana went to a sort of motel she asked to stay for a week, which happened to cost 100 credits, all that she have, but confident that she will get a job on a workshop or something related to technology, would be easy. She spend 3 days looking for a job and everyone refused to give her a job, she understood that her kind is not welcome in the Citadel, but don't know why, if it goes like this, she won't have enough to pay the motel, and might be forced to steal or begging. Next day her luck seems to go around, when an automated advertisement greet her: "Quarian, yes you, interested in making some credits for science? Go to the place Called "Massive Eureka", you won't regret it"! She felt lucky because another day longer she might had to sleep in the street, but it was strange that everyone doesn't trust Quarians and suddenly they offering an opportunity. She went to the indicated place, seems all high-tech science facility although is kinda small, she entered where a Volus receptionist introduced himself: "greeting Flottila-clan, are you here for the advertisement?" Shana said:"Yes i'm looking to earn some credits, I mean I need really a lot, since not one wants to employ me" Volus while understanding, said:" don't worry you will get a lot of credits, though you must learn about our thing here before considering." Volus lead her inside the facility where a Human and a Salarian where working, arguing about the best way to create energy through cold. Volus: "guys, sorry to interrupt but we got a potential volunteer called...what you're name ma'am?" she said that her name is Shana'rael vas Ideema. Human: "Ah great, Shana'rael vas something, let's cut to the chase, we will give you 10000 credits if you take a experimental super medication, that will protect you in a super way all diseases, alergic reactins and so on." Salarian: The "super medication" is a pill with components that i got most of them in a hard way, and we needed a person with a extremely weak immune-system like Quarians, and you so happened to be around, lucky for all of us here, But i'm not going to lie, there's a chance of death by taking the pill, you can get a reaction of a violent fever, nausea, headaches, the entire body will take the heat, but it will be a violent adaptation perhaps even modify your genes for more resistance for your immune-system. Shana got scared by the sound of that, but she really needs the money, but on the other hand she can get something out of this to complete the pilgrimage and go home earlier, the resistance for the Quarian's immune-system could change everything in the Flottila, they could colonize worlds, without the fear of diseases. Shana: "I'm in, just tell me how we do this?" The Salarian show her a huge pill with the size of a tennis ball. Shana got suprised, saying: "that's impossible to swallow that, can't we have injection?" Salarian: "Injection is bad idead for the amount of components it has, is too much for the veins, ingesting is also out of the question anyway, because the stomach acid can destroy essential components for the pill, the only way is through the rectum way deep in it, to slowly absorb the pill, the Human James will administrate it in you." Human: "whoa, why I have to do that?" Salarian: "because mostly part of my time I worked for that pill. And you will do, for once something useful, besides screwing around like a monkey lab and i'm sure you're an expert for it."Human: "Are you assuming that because i'm gay, I'm a expert about inserting things up the ass?? screw you!" They were arguing again, but Shana tried stopped them: "please stop fighting." they ignored, "since there's no understanding between you two I will pick the Volus to do it, but I assume that there a sterilized room to do the...rear operation?" Both the scientist shutted up and agreed choosing the Volus to insert the pill in her rectum, so that they can argue again. Shana and Volus went to the room which is already prepared for the procedure. Shana embarrassed, asked the volus to look away, since there no opening for her bottom, she started to take off the mask and started undressing the whole suit lowering it to her knees, then she climbed to the operating table putting herself in four legs almost naked, but she was so embarrased that she covered her face with her hands facing down, while sticking out more her ass up. Shana: "al...alright... do it quick!"The Volus turned around to her and he has a sight that he will never forget. Being so small he took a while to climb the operating table and started lubing her thight asshole to insert the pill, but it's hard to insert it, Shana started to scream in pain, The Volus tried multiple ways to insert and even lowered her suit to the ankles because it was in the way of maneuver, it took like 10 minutes but unsuccessful, and the lube dried out, then the Volus shouted for help, then 3 minutes later the two scientists entered with hazmat suit, asking why is taking so long, then they saw her position. Salarian:"Thats a wrong position to insert the large pill, she should lay down sided to help relax the intestines, lube it more." But even so it's still hard to insert in her tight hole, the human grabbed her ass cheeks to open wide more. While the salarian started pushing the pill while the Volus kept lubing more, Shana stopped covering her face and grabbed herself to the table and clenching her teeth. after 30 minutes of the procedure they finally made it. The Salarian pushed deeper in her intestine, then they plugged her asshole with a mechanical plug to avoid the pill being pop out by accident. Shana felt tired and sore, her mouth was dripping saliva while catching breath, her body was sweating. Salarian: "it's done, we have inserted the plug to avoid coming out, but the pill will slowly be absorved, so I suggest you, not to eat anything for three days, and drink a lot of water." Shana while dressing up she agreed, she's kinda used to starve back in the Flotilla, when food supplies were low, and doesn't want to repeat again that procedure. Shana: "Out of curiosity, what components has the pill?" Salarian: "well.. siince it's done, I will tell, but you may not like it. 70 percent has in general deathly diseases knowed throughout the galaxy that were genetically modified to be harmless, 30 percent are natural immunesystem boosters which they were hard to get, from others species like Turian Saliva, Krogan sperm, Batarian eyeball's liquid..." Shana: "Stop, I rather not to know and pretend I didn't hear that." Salarian: "told you, anyaway the pill will take time to do his effect like in three days, keep us in contact with your omnitool, if there's a problem give us a shout and your current location, but please, after three days even if doesn't nothing, answer our calls, not answering like three times and we will assume that you died and we have to cancel the project." Shana: "Understood, and about the plug? Can I remove it?" Salarian: "I advice not to remove, but if it's causing disconfort on your daily life you can remove it, but do an effort not to defecate." Shana said the farewell and promised to keep in contact, but the Volus went talk to her: "Ideema clan... When was the time to put the pill in your....ahm...rear...Why did you choose me to do it, instead of the Human or Salarian?" Shana: "well, first of all ,they were fighting, and you being small and talking like a shy person I found you very cute and cordial guy, you kinda look like what the humans call....ehm... a teddy bear." Volus:"Well... thanks for the compliment.... By the way here's a payment of 2000 credits, we will pay the rest if the experiment is susccessful." Shana is happy for having a lot money, she spented 500 credits at the motel for a month. A day has passed since the procedure, and she stayed at the motel watching television and she doesn't feel the need to defecate at all, for she hasn't eated anything and the pill must be stuck in the same place, so she decided to remove the bothering plug, she went to her bathroom that she bleached throughly so that she can remove her suit safely, she unplugged her hole, and felt more free. the second day has passed but she decided to walk around the streets, until she saw in the shop, models of ships, she didn't resist them and bought a lot of them with almost all her money. then she was heading back to the motel until a Turian addressed himself to her: "Hey there cute girl, I saw how you bought a ton of models back there, you got good taste."Shana unsuspected said: "thanks, they are great for my pilgrimage." Shady Turian:" yeah, the other quarians barelly can afford one, while you can get several of them? Are you a daughter of a Rich Admiral? Did you stole credits? Me and my friends will like to chat with you" the Turian grabbed her arm firmly, while Shana tried to fight back. Shana: "LET ME GO YOU BRUTE!!" But a Human attacked her from behind stinging her with a serynge, where she felt dizzy and fallen on the Turian arms. Shady Turian: "Great job, Boss will be happy that we caught a rich girl." then it appeared a cab drived by an armored Batarian to pick them up. Shana tied and barelly conscious, is wondering where she's going and what will be her fate.
  10. more like ME 1-3, but all before the Events, so is more like before ME1. Has nothing to do with commander shepard and the reapers, just the Lore.
  11. I know that my original intention is to make, erotic stories with the lore of TES and Fallout. But it has been some time that I wanted to make some erotic story about mass effect, around of a female character(not Shepard or any crew members) that will keep a secret for now. It's coming along nicely it will take some time to make due to the lack of my free time. I had Fallout and TES coming but I need more inspiration and the head on the right place to make it happen, making up stories ain't easy. the mass effect will be a long story cutted with several parts. if everything goes right, this weekend might come out.
  12. Idea for mod would be nice having a continuation after game's ending, keep the tryout, mostly for the Legion to rule the Mojave and add new quests and features, depending if caesar is alive or dead. and independent of the Courier choose sides the Legion wins with an unexpected way, like it happens to Joshua Grahams, going ahead into a trap.(of course it would be an optional feature for the player). if the Courier choose legion in the end will be treated like any woman under the Legion rule: a slave. Her help and achievements meant nothing and didn't make her a special case to be treated the other way. She will be stripped permanently from her belongings and owned houses, adds quests in the casinos with Legates living there as a deserved spoil of war with harems, help the reconstruction of attacked settlements to assimilate the identity of the Legion taking care of farms working at the quarry and so on. For travelling, the courier must go with a caravan along with legionaires to another conquered settlements. and doing the usual kinky stuff.
  13. The Wanderer was making her living on sactuary building farms, erect structures and so on; but suddently an eyebot appear with an adverstiment:" we need a female volunteer for a project were making, we won't lie though, its a very dangerous project that we are willing to pay 10000 caps maybe even negotiate. If you are interested speak with our agent about the job in (location to define)." The Wanderer intrigued went to that place to speak with the agent. agent: "you came from the advertisement? lets cut to the chase, you have to sign this document which you will agree that damage you might suffer might be permanent or death that can occurr, and you agree to follow orders and won't be no turning back, following orders will be more beneficial for you welfare and for our secrecy until the end of the contract" The Wanderer ask what kind of project that is so dangerous. Agent: "that's secret, to know you have to sign the document and then I'll take you the the real responsible in a secret location which he might tell you what sort of project because i don't know either, they pay me to do recruitment". The Wanderer with sarcasm: "I bet it's a dungeon quest to beat the dragon and save the world." Agent: "I won't lie theres been a few interested and all of them refused for how shady this deal looks and I don't blame you if you refuse." The Wanderer felling brave accepted, signed the contract. The agent suprised by the decision ordered to blindfold her and lead to the secret place. The Wanderer took a step back but then the agent remind her that she signed that she will do anything to keep secrecy and follow orders She then agrees and doubts if she made a right decision. They catch a vertibird scheduled that appeared and took them to the secret area far away from Boston; they took away the blind inside of a building that looks like a Vault but not quite, very few people but with power armor and some scinetists. a Scientist appeared to greet the volunteer and rushed her leading to a section, the Wanderer tried to ask about the project until they reached to a small room that looks like a decontaminating room, he ordered her to stay there and remove all weapons, clothes, everything you possess and wait for further instructions from the intercomm, left her locked in the small room, she started to remove everything and leave in a container next to the door. Intercomm: Do you read? follow our instructions and you will be fine, and more importantly stay calm and don't do sudden moves, I'll unlock the door where will lead you to a big empty room stay in the center and stay there no matter what. The Wanderer moved completely defenseless think the terrible idea it was from agreeing to this. By reaching the center the opposite door opens to come out... a Deathclaw. The Wanderer almost losed calmness and the loud intercomm just says: stay calm and don't move. The Deathclaw walking towards her until he reach her where she can feel the hot breath; he's started licking her chest to the neck and face, then he walks around her until he stopped behind her, he started to grab her torso where she felt the claws scratching her abdomen. The Wanderer shaking and paralised in fear closed her eyes hoping to wake up from a nightmare, when she opened the eyes she saw the eyes of the Deathclaw staring at her; she stared back and felt almost like an hypnotising effect and saw signs of intelligence in the beast, she calmed down a bit until she was grabbed and lifted, she looked slowly down just to see his huge erected penis that she never noticed before because of fear. the beast introduced his penis in her, making her banging until he fill her womb full of semen; then the deathclaw put her on the ground and forced her to be on her knees for his next advance, making her do a blowjob, she started licking his penis leaking from the previous sex, the flavor is really sweet and addicting that she started to relax a lot... probably a side effect of the semen; he blowed into her mouth, almost choking her, she coughed a bit until she catched her breath, she layed down facing the ground of shame trying to realize what happenned, then the beast make is last move laying down on The Wanderer to screw her ass, laying almost his weigh on her but with care not to crush her, she didn't feel any pain although it was supposed to be painful, perhaps the semen she swallowed has anesthetic effects, she felt almost like a tired slug and she passed out, after a tiresome season the deathclaw grabbed her and took her to the room where he came, the place is large it has a cavern aspect but still inside the vault with some mechanized sources of food and water to keep the creature feeded. The Wanderer wakes up on a bed of leaves next to the sleepy Deathclaw, she sneaks out the bed but feeling weak to walk from the anal sex, she dragged and reached the intercom, and instead of demanding explanation, she begged to leave. Intercom: "We can't do that, actually we were suprised it worked, and to give congratulations to be probably the first female ever mating a Deathclaw and he accepted you to be his mate, but you have to stay with him until, according to our calculations of both DNAs, you will get pregnant." The Wanderer horrified, she protested that she don't want to get pregnant. Intercom: "you don't have a choice according to the contract you will stay there until we told you otherwise, but inside his pen you have to follow the beast orders now, you belong to him he'll decide eveything there, just get pregnant luckily he will do everyday since is the mating season of the Deathclaws." The Wanderer is shocked that she have to live with the beast in the same condition he lives. The beast gets up from his slumber and went drinking water in the pool then he went to eat some raw meat brought from a rolling carpet and felt on a large plate. The Wanderer feeling also hungry after several hours since the "employment" she tried to get some meat, but the beast pushed back, making her understand the he will eat first, after a while just a small piece of meat lefted on the ground it tasted bland, unsastified and still hungry she thought another source of food by reminding the sweet generous amount of his semen, she walked towards the deathclaw and she started playing with his penis in a way like asking permission to suck it, the beast gets horny real quick and gave her a blowjob, this time with out fear she enjoyed and she craves for more. Several days has passed ever since, with the same routine of sex, eat, drink and more sex for distraction. The Wanderer's belly was getting bigger, mistaked for being bloated for all the semen she has been filled from all holes, then after a while she noticed that she was really pregnant. After noticing she went to the intercom give the news. intercom: "Great, just give the birth when the time comes, then leave the egg in the next room where you have met the creature in the first time." In the next week the Wanderer gave birth an huge egg after a painful labor. left the egg in the other room as instructed. After waiting a while she got an answer from the intercom: "great job, that must be a world's pain to get him out." The Wanderer smiling that is finally over she asked to get out; Intercom: "not so fast, we still need to see if a deathclaw comes out healthy from a human womb,if he's dead or malformed inside the egg we have to start over again and to see a result it might take three weeks." The Wanderer understanding that she won't come out soon it didn't her bother much, for she has a good mate where she feels safe and a good source of that addicting semen. after 3 weeks of waiting she got herself pregnant again, then the news came about the first egg. Intercom: "congratulations is a health deathclaw boy... I see your carrying another, good... good... the project has been a success!!" The Wanderer was happy that is finally over, and asked to get out. Intercom: well... about that...why we would let you go, such a good breeder, with you we will make an army of shocktroopers in behalf of the Enclave, and reconquer the USA, forget about the contract, you're happy here, we know you're a junky for his semen, be his bitch forever and give birth to thousands of deathclaws... under our control of course, once we restored our beloved america they will be eutanized." The Wanderer awed about this news she realized that she has been tricked, and need to get out. after several days after giving birth of another egg, but the deathclaw realized that she was depressed in these last days and she wants to get out, but he knew that people come to his pen if he had health issue, so he growl's loud like almost pain and felt, The Wanderer ran toward the beast see whats wrong, then she realized that he was playing dead and saw an opportunity to call the scientists telling them that the deathclaw is dead. They appeared, 2 scientist along with 4 power armored soldiers, and instead seeing if he was really dead they went towards The Wanderer asking how he did died, after answering what she saw first. the scientist said: take him to autopsy. The Wanderer asked if can go with him. the scientist laughing: since you were too attached to him you can accompany him until we reach the decontamination room. the four soldier holstered their weapons and dragged him next the decontamination room, where the Deathclaw surprised them and slapped them with such force that they fell on the ground, the deathclaw didn't give time for two of them to get up and rip off their heads with two powerful blows, The Wanderer used the confusion to grab a Plasma Rifle and finished the others two, the scientists passed out from fear, and probably seeing so much blood. The deathclaw started to do a slaughter inside the vault while The Wanderer recovered the stuff from the container she left in the first place, those oblivious scientists forgot to pick up her stuff. Going after the deathclaw where he led to the exit of that damn place. Finally free!!! The deathclaw felt the freedom that he started running like crazy to the wilderness and never see him again, probably getting himself a woman of his size. leaving behind The Wanderer who felt sad for his department, but optimistic that she will see him again, if he doesn't have luck with other deathclaws females. although there's no reward of 10000 caps, that was a great experience she felt, now to see a doctor to treat addiction. Who would have thought that was going to be a real dungeon quest with a dragon a saving the World??? But the dragon saved the World making the Heroine useless.
  14. The Wanderer arrived into a place called Goodneighbor and hoped to get some rest and buying some supplies, then she was aborded from a guy called Finn offering insurance, the Wanderer obviously refused, then she felt a strike from behind leaving her unconscious and all her belongings were stolen, leaving only the outfit she's wearing(weared pieces of armor were also stolen), now she felt stuck in that place with nothing to protect herself in the wastes and no money to buy anything. She decided to wonder around seeing if there something or someone that might help her, she asked for help to drifters that they respond her to bugger off, others said to themselves: "wheres Hancock when we need him to deal with this outsider? probably went to the Capital wasteland getting that Ultrajet he loves...", the shopkeepers refused to deal with the outsider until the approval of their Mayor(can't barter) except a shady guy that is willing to sell a pipe pistol for 500 caps, expensive only to outsiders, until someone said: "if you need caps you should go at the Hotel Rexford, I heard they are recruiting a maid to clean the rooms, maybe you should ask them." The Wanderer finally found a way to earn some money, she went straight to the Hotel and talked with the receptionist Clair, telling her that she came for a job, Clair said: "For the Job? Really? But you're an outsider, I don't know if is a good idea, but okay, not my problem, go ahead, go talk to my boss Marowski, he will give you the contract." The Wanderer went to Marowski's office, he tried to expell her until she got his attention that she's there for the job, Marowski suprised said:" Are you? Well... You're pretty and all... OK here's the contract just sign it, and I will give you the Maid outfit then you can start work right away." The Wanderer read the contract that the daily payment is 10 caps, food will not be included and neither a place to sleep, surely not a good idea sleeping in the street to be robbed again. She asked why not give her a place to stay and food? Marowski said:" my establisment as you can see don't get to much clients, a room cost 10 caps, the cheapest food is like a corn costing around 3 or 4 and working for me will be like paying you around 24 caps and that's make me lose a lot of money a this point, hell... Paying 10 per day is already a lot but we need someone to clean the rooms since we had to fire our only worker for refusing to clean, but tell you want I can give you a room for 10 caps but you have to work without payment and have a place to stay." The Wanderer said that she desperately need money and ask if there a way to reach into an agreement. Marowski said while rewriting the contract:" I guess we can make something out of it, there, you pay 9 caps for room, food you can get in the Hotel sewers, you can kill the vermin living there and help yourself, that covers everything you get: a place to stay, food and a cap, and you can't refuse what we and the clients ask you do to, there's some occasional special jobs that we pay you extra caps, and the period of time will be 1 month and can be renovated. The wanderer desperate, agreed the terms of the contract and receive the maid outfit, the outfit looks like it cames from a manga book, but it was all ragged showing to much the chest,the skirt is short and didn't have any underwear, has the sock-nets but no shoes, her previous outfit has been locket in a container and can't have access until the end of the contract, the wanderer started cleaning the rooms, catching empty bottles, sweeping used syringes, condoms and dust, catched some ragged cloth soaked in blood, washing the beds full of stains of semen and other unkwoned fluids, just going barefooted there, made the Wanderer felling uneasy. Finally, finished to clean the rooms and in the end of the day she received a cap, but she started felling hungry she didn't ate anything that day yet, she went to the sewers seeing if she is really willing to catch a disgusting creature and eat it, the sewers were dark and have a foul smell , probably eveybody in Goodneighbor leaves their dump down there, just seeing the radroaches eating the dung, she almost lost the appetite, but knew that soon hunger will become unbearable and she must eat, she removed all her clothes so that they don't get dirty for the next day of the job. The Wanderer went naked deeper in the sewers, stepping on dung barefooted carefully not to slip, when she tried to catch the radroach she slipped and feel on the floor getting herself all dirty, annoyed she didn't care getting even more dirtier and used all her body to catch that little bugger; She finally caught him and punch him to the death, and started ripping off the meat with her teeth and started eating right there and every bite released a lot of green fluid from the raw meat. But then she started crying how humiliating was, how she fell so deep, just to find herself covered in shit, eating a radroach like a starving rabid dog, she felt completely miserable and humiliated; She sitted next the sewer's exit crying a lot, and wondering why all this happened, why her, she stayed there a while, then she got up and took a bath from a loosed pipe, dropping what looks more like piss than water, she washed herself removing all the brown matter from her body, but the smell is still stuck in her body. She dressed herself and got out from the sewer and went to her room where she undress again and fell on the bed, the smell of her body doesn't bother much since the rooms smell kinda the same. She started another day, since she cleaned the rooms yesterday she went cleaning the basement and the bathrooms, after finishing her chores, she went talking with Clair, chatting about how the Hotel used to be great, but not anymore; Until Marowski called her for an special assignment, He told her that they contact him if he has a spared worker for the "The Third Rail" bar and that they offered a modest sum but enough to be acceptable, and she has to go there giving her services. The Wanderer went straight to the bar until she has been stopped by the Bouncer called Ham, he told her not to go with the outfit of a different establishment and on her right there a room with the outfit and to go changing herself. She went changing from Maid outfit to Waitress outfit: the outfit was nothing more than just a skirt showing off completely her ass, surely to attrack a lot of male clients. The bouncer let her through and she went talking with Whitechapel Charlie, and he said:" ah, Finally you arrived, lets cut to the chase, you will serve booze for my clients, come speak to me everytime to instruct you which table will be served, and the tips they might gave you are mine, my establishment, my rules, and don't even try to trick or lie to me, I got one eye always staring at you and counting every cap, the client can touch you and request you how the drinks will be served, but no sex, this isn't a brothel, now chop chop to the table 2". She started serving drinks, got groped all over her body, and the requests are various and perverted, one asked her to spill his booze on her chest so he can lick and suck her soaked nipples, another asked to fill her mouth full of booze and spit in his mouth while kissing, another one offered a vodka for her to drink while she sits on his lap, she started feeling dizzy and drunk that she started kissing everyone she can find, then the requests became more ridiculous, a man willing to pay a lot asked to fist her, and the Wanderer said yes without thinking, he started putting his fist in her asshole, slowly spreading the hole, then he opened a bottle of whisky and stick it in her asshole, where she felt the burn inside her and started screaming in pain, sweating a lot that some men had to restrained her until her body started to tolerate the burn, then she spilled the whisky to the bottle again, the man smiling, has bottled the contaminated whisky with her dung and pays like 150 caps to Charlie, which concluded the night. Charlie dismissed the Wanderer but she felt asleep on the carpet next to the puke, Charlie recognized that with her, he made a great profit and left her be in his establishment. Next day she woke up with a great headache and a huge hunger,that she got up and saw the menu: everything is overpriced even the 200 years peanuts cost like 20 caps, it like 3 weeks of work, better get used eating radroach from the sewer. She returned to the Hotel, where Marowski was smiling for her good job and gave her 3% of the payment, she received 3 caps and the daily cap which in total the Wanderer received 4 caps, which doesn't compensate even a little the hell she went through, but she can't argue about it since she agreed to do anything, she must endure, which speaking about endure, time to get a meal in the sewer. Another dirty struggle trying to catch a radroacher, everything is slippering and she went deeper than the last time, that she fell into a hole full of shit which, so unlucky that she couldn't open her eyes, feeling the taste of shit in her mouth, she climbed to get out from the hole then she went in four legs, crawling, blinded and hoping that she was going to the exit of the sewer, until she felt the "Water" hitting on her head then she washed her face so she could see again, and trying again to catch that bug; Finally got one and ripped his head off with her teeth, the meat tasted more horribly that the previous one, tasted like dung, and cold slime. after that she took a bath and drank some of this water since she was thristy from the alcohol yesterday, it wasn't radioactive, but tasted foul just like the radroach, she could get sick eating raw meat and drinking unknowed sources in a disgusting place, but it's too late to worry about her health now, she felt so humiliated, that she started crying, and wished that she shouldn't never have come to Goodneighbor. After the meal she went to her room to put herself together, but then she felt a cold in her spine, she saw Finn the robber coming out one of those rooms and went stright to her saying:" well...What a suprise, working for Marowski outsider? you must be really that desperate or stupid, that fool barelly has money to run this place so you must be working for free." The Wanderer in shock couldn't speak. "And since you're working for free, I think you don't mind if I fuck you for free then, were alone up here and something bad might happen if things don't go in my way." The wanderer still speechless, nods, agreeing to fuck him for free, she went to his room and put herself in doggy style on his bed, He fuck her so much that he filled her womb full of semen and ordered her to clean his penis with the tongue and swallow the remains of semen, he slapped her ass as sign of "good job". He said: "I loved having sex with you so much, that I should visit you more often that going to those brothels, I bet you fell in love for me, but I hate to break your heart dear, today i have to go to the capital wasteland doing some business, might take some months, but I hope you will stay here for my return, but, what i'm kidding? Of course you will be around for a very long time, judging by how you do everything for free... But i'm not ungrateful so here's a cap for you and don't waste it all in the same place(laughs). The Wanderer grabbed the cap like it was the most precious thing, although for her suprise she loved the sex, but still, she hates Finn for putting her in this situation, but there's nothing to do about it, but being fucked by a guy that robbed her, felt even more humiliating than the sewers. Since then, some days has passed with the same routine, cleaning the whole Hotel, hired by Charlie sometimes, she no longer minds staying hours in the sewers catching the radroachs, but recently there's been more activity in the Hotel a visitor just paid a room and asked to the recepcionist that their room needs to be clean. Clair told to the Wanderer that the room needs to be clean. She started cleaning the room while being watched by the visitor who catched a sight of under her skirt, he saw that hse's not wearing a panty, the visitor couldn't hold his urges, he grabbed her from behind, caughting her by surprise, and asked her to clean his pipe; she was about to say no but he offered to pay her 5 caps for it. 5 caps is like 5 days of work, she accepted and moved sensually like a lusty maid, she started licking and then sucking until her mouth is full of semen, he paid 5 caps told her that he would give another 5 if she swallow the load, which she did, the taste of semen felt so great, after eating only raw radroach since she has been hired, the taste of semen felt divinal; then he says he would pay another 5 if she lets him "brushing" her pussy, she also accepted; she putt herself in four legs and started waxing the floor while being fucked from behind. After the sex the visitor has been satisfied with the services, but Marowski noticed that something happened and confront the Wanderer, saying that if visitors adavnces like that and pays for sex then he wants a cut of the profit like 90%, but this time she can have the money she gained, he started ripping her clothes that started revealing her torso completely, saying that from now on, she can provoke the visitors. Since them, from word around, the Hotel started to get more visitors, and for the first time all rooms were occupied, all them being serviced by the famed Wanderer the lusty maid, she started getting paid per visitor 2 to 8 caps making daily around 7 to 25 caps, Marowski was getting richer thanks to the Wanderer, He started to advertise weekends parties where the Maid has to service guests like the way she used to work at "The Third Rail", Groped by successful rich people, sometimes grabbed and dragged to the restroom to be fucked. It reached to a point that she's hardly a maid, but she's knowned throught out the Commonwealth the "Lusty Maid", the Hotel has been restored to his formed glory, Parties with rich people, drugs and sex, the Hotel became the beacon of pleasure. Marowski gave to the wanderer a new contract where she can receive 30% of the gains including a place and food with no period of time to renew the contract; seems like he doesn't want to lose the chicken of golden eggs, but she got enough to get a gun and get out of goodneighbor, but on the other hand she's enjoying all this so much and the pay is getting good, she can get a comfortable life as a Maid at this point. Until Hancock arrived from the Capital Wasteland with the backpack full of Ultrajet and said with suprise: "Wow Marowski you turned your live around pretty well, and it seems all thanks to the Lusty Maid, she's famous in the Capital too!" Looking at the Wanderer and spoke to her: "Do you know a guy named Finn? I found him in the Capital ripped in half from a deathclaw but he was still alive when I found him; I was like :"my man Finn! what happened here? and why are you here in the Capital?" He didn't have time to explain he only said: return the loot to the maid... Hotel room... goodnei... and then he died, I guess he wants to return what he has stolen from you, am I right? And your stolen goods seems to be in one of the rooms in the Hotel, Poor guy... in the end he had a weight in his conscious or he had fellings for you." The Wanderer Hardly believed that her belongings, were hidden in one of the rooms all this time and she remembered the room that he came out when they met again, how she couldn't discovered the stash after cleaning the room lots of times? Turns out that there was a fake wall in the room, and there's the stash, everything is there except there was less money, but now, nothing can keep her in GoodNeighbor, not even the tempting contract. Time for adventures... after seeing a doctor if she pregnant from the wilds parties!... maybe returning and making some money, now that she's the famous Lusty Maid! Marowski kept prospering, but without the Maid, business have calmed down but remained stable, but there will be always parties, specially if the Wanderer decides to return.
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