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CHAPTER 2- The first birth



You try in every way to free yourself from the Falmers grip, but nothing, they are too strong, and the effect of paralyzing magic still has to end completely.unable to do anything, your body is pushed back against the wall, one of the falmers ties your arms to hooks attached to the wall, and then goes away together with the other flamers, you are now alone, you do not have time to try to move that immediately you see a chaurus approaching, you try to chase it away with your feet, but you can't even move it, it starts to climb on you clinging with the paws to the wall, with its pincers  clings your head obliging you to open your mouth in which it starts to pour a strange liquid forcing you to swallow it so as not to suffocate, you clearly feel the liquid coming down your throat, suddenly you feel that the chaurus is forcing its penis in your vagina, after pushing a little it makes it enter without problems, and then start rape you,after some time the chaurus comes, filling your womb with its seed, making some of it come out of your vagina, after which the creature get off from your body and disappears into the darkness.
After all that happened you collapse exhausted.
As soon as you have reopened your eyes you feel something strange to your body, still a little numb you notice that your belly has grown, the chaurus must have impregnated you!
Over time your belly grows more and more, every now and then you feel that something is moving inside, after a few days the movements become more intense, until you feel that something is pressing to get out of your anus, in that moment a falmer arrives in front of you and begins to press your belly, doing this you see chaurus eggs starting to come out of your hole, you are really giving birth to chaurus eggs !!
You have given birth to several eggs, the falmer collects them and goes away, you finally have some time to recover from the effort, but unfortunately after a short time you already see another chaurus approaching, which, like the one before, goes up on you and begins to rape you, putting you pregnant once again.


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