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A question about my mods

Storms of Superior


I suddenly found myself thinking this morning, that maybe I forgot to package my .esp files in a data folder. I find this to be a pain in the ass when trying to add mods with MO, because I then have to repack the files I want to play.


So the question is this: how many of you think it's a big enough pain in the ass to have me upload repacked files for people who want to download them in the future? I would be glad to do this if it's decided that it would be worth the effort.

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I guess the answer is:

1. How many people use MO instead of NMM or manual installation?

2. Of those people, how many don't know how to re-pack them?

3. Of those people, how many will be unable or unwilling to learn how to do so to fix a problem that you are not the only person to have (so many mods aren't packed like this).


If the final number is a high one (and what constitutes "high" is entirely subjective), then yes, you should repack them.

I don't know, though... I don't use MO and have no idea how hard it is to re-pack the files... is it just re-archiving them in a "data" directory rather than out of a "data" directory? If so, it's not a lot of work to fix a potential problem...

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