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Raya in Skyrim

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blog-0248258001425726287.gifMy name is… My name was Ray. I was born in New York in 1985, my life was what many would call average: shitty job, annoying girlfriend, obnoxious friends and that constant voice in the back of your head telling you you should be doing more important and relevant things.


One Friday I went to the pub, like any other Friday, to drink my sorrows away. I had had a terrible day, so I drank more than I should have. Then, this strange man challenged me to a drinking contest, and drunk as a keg as I was, I accepted. Shortly after my memory just gives me a blank stare.


When I woke up I was tied from my ankles and wrists, hanging from the later, gagged and blindfolded. I could hear, though. I heard moans, screams, and even what I’d later identify as whips cracking.


‘I see you’re awake, Ray.’ I could hear the voice of a man in front of me. It was the same man that challenged me to the drinking contest. He sounded amused. ‘You’re not in Kansas anymore, Ray.’ He laughed. I tried to tell him to go to hell, but all I was able to say was “Mmmph!” quite pathetic. ‘Oh, don’t worry, Ray: you’ll soon be free. You see, the thing is that there is this little world at the verge of destruction, and the good gods have chosen their champion. Here, listen to her.’ And I heard a whip crack and a muffled feminine moan. ‘She was easy to break. That won’t do. I decided to make my own champion, my Grand Succubus, but for that I need the mind and soul of someone from another world. That’s you, in case you didn’t realize.’ He sounded like a villain explaining his evil plan to conquer the world. ‘You may be asking who am I… I, am Sanguine, god of Debauchery, with a capital “D”. Lord of all the dirty and pleasing deeds in the world. Lust belongs to me, and I bestow it upon whoever I choose. You’re going to be quite lusted after! Ha, ha, ha!’ He laughed. ‘In any case, I want you to save this tiny little world, but I also want you to amuse me by turning the path the good gods laid for her into a valley of debauchery. You have no choice, you’ll be a succubus, and it’ll be in your nature. Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes, I’ll let you keep your family jewels!’ After that all I felt was an excruciating pain for what seemed ages before I fainted.


I woke up in a very uncomfortable bed. It was cold and I felt naked under the very rough sheets. When I opened my eyes I saw three very beautiful girls resting their upper bodies on the bed. They were asleep. One was blonde and cute, other was a sexy brunette, and the third had long straight black hair, and was really beautiful as well.


Then I realized something wasn’t right with my body. I looked under the sheets and had to make an effort not to scream: I was a female. Except for that part. As that strange voice had said, I still had my male sex apparatus. It even looked bigger. I felt something wrong between my legs, right behind my scrotum; I moved my hand to check what it was and found myself touching my vagina. I had both sexual organs: a hermaphrodite. I kept checking my body: I had a thin waist, long strong and beautiful legs, a defined and toned body and large breasts. I looked like a damn pornstar. My hair was long and dark red. I could not see my face, though, but I wondered if it was as beautiful as the rest of my new body. Then I stopped for a moment to think what was happening and stopped marveling at myself… I was a hermaphrodite. A HERMAPHRODITE. And there were three girls sleeping close to me. Whatever had happened was not something that would normally happen after getting drunk. For one, I would have no girls around me. Much less I’d be a hermaphrodite. I began to panic and breather heavily, to pant. My head started to feel light.


It was then that the dark haired girl woke up. She looked at me and smiled. I was still in panic, but she crawled on top of me and kissed me. The shock took all the panic away. I was paralyzed.


‘I’m so glad you are finally awake.’ She said, in a very sensual tone. ‘We didn’t know what to do when we found you naked and collapsed on the road last week.’ She smiled. She looked at me as if I was her lover.


‘Road? Naked?’ I thought of the many ways that could have gone wrong. ‘What have you done to me?’ I asked.


‘Oh!, We… Nursed, yes, nursed you back to health after taking you here.’ She said as if it was the obvious thing to do.


‘Helga, she’s woken up?’ The brunette girl had woken up. ‘Don’t hog her for yourself.‘ She said.


‘Yes, she’s awake Sarah, and full of questions.’ She replied, climbing down from atop me.


‘Yes, questions.’ I said. ‘Like, for example, “Who are you?”, “Where am I?” or “What exactly did you do to me?”. I have more, but those are the main ones.’ I asked. I intentionally left “Why am a hermaphrodite?” since it was obvious they didn’t have the answer. I suspected it was that “Sanguine’s” doing.


‘We?’ Helga smiled ‘We are three friends who were travelling together when we found you. I’m Helga, this is Sarah and the sleeping blonde is Brinn.’ Helga said.


‘Travelling where?’ I asked.


‘Nowhere in particular. More running away from becoming brides than travelling, actually.’ Sarah laughed. Helga woke up Brinn, who seemed to perk up as soon as she saw me awake.


‘That somewhat covers who are you. Now, what have you done to me?’ I asked. I didn’t know if I could trust them.


‘We found you naked on the road, so we covered you with some clothes and brought you here to nurse you back to health.’ Brinn said, as if it was the most logical thing in the world.


‘Why?’ I asked. ‘People don’t go around nursing others back to health. That’s what hospitals are for.’


‘Hospitals?’ Helga seemed really confused. ‘What’s that?’


‘I… ‘ I sighed. ‘Just tell me why you did it.’


‘Because we felt it was the right thing to do.’ Sarah replied. ‘The idea of leaving you there alone made us feel terrible.’


‘So we stayed close to you and nursed you back to health.’ Brinn added.


Everything was very suspicious, but I let it slide for a moment. ‘So, where are we?’ I asked.


‘In the Bannered Mare, in Whiterun.’ Sarah replied.


‘And Whiterun is exactly where?’ I asked again, as the name said nothing to me.


‘Skyrim? You know, the cold northern region of Tamriel? Sarah, did your healing spell fail or something?’ Helga said, as if it was something obvious.

‘Oh, Skyrim…’ I lied. ‘What did you say about a spell?’ “Spells? Madness!”, I though. I was unaware of magic being real in Nirn, I could not really believe them.


‘Yes, like this.’ Sarah said, and from her hand a white light flew to me and engulfed me, making me feel refreshed and stronger.


‘Magic. There’s magic here…’ I said astonished. It was certainly not a “magic trick”. They would have needed holograms or things like that to make it. ‘What’s next, fighting monsters with sword and shield?’ I laughed.


‘How else would we do it?’ Helga said, confused.


I felt tired, but I wanted to see it with my own eyes. They helped me up and helped me dress in some robes, then guided me to the main room of the inn. Warriors with swords as long as them, mages toying with lightning, farmers and wenches… even a skald poorly butchering what might have passed for a song over there. ‘I need to get back to bed.’ I said. It was too much even for the best reality TV shows. I was in another world, I was convinced. I slept until early in the morning.


I felt much better, and saw the girls had used sleeping bags to sleep on the floor that time. I stood up without aid and walked to the window. Opened it just to be greeted with the bustling city of Whiterun, with dozens of stalls, hundreds of people and the smell of a thousand herbs.


I looked around me and found a book. It was time to check if I could read. Turned out I could. While the girls slept, I read by the window the not sixty pages of “The Life of Uriel Septim VII”. It was utterly instructive. I learnt about Nirn, Tamriel, the Empire, the Aedra and the Daedra, the basic customs and uses of the people of Tamriel, the races that inhabited this world and, of course, the currency: the septim.


The Daedra. I had read about Sanguine. He was truly the god of Debauchery, as he had declared. A powerful immortal being capable of shaping a portion of the universe, his own “plane of Oblivion”. I suspected I paid an unwanted visit to his plane.


The sun was already high and my reading finished twice when the girls woke up. I was a bit confused as to why did they need so much time to sleep if they had done pretty much nothing but talk the previous day. ‘Good morning, girls.’ I said.


‘Good morning… You never told us your name.’ Helga replied. She was right.


‘True… My name is Ray…’ Then I thought of my appearance, not that they’d ever heard the name Ray, but I needed to differentiate myself from my old self. ‘…a. My name is Raya.’ I replied.


‘Nice to meet you, Raya.’ Sofia smiled. ‘I’ll go get breakfast for the four of us.’ She declared and left after making sure her blouse was well set.

I’d like to ask you a favor.’ I said, looking at Brinn. ‘I’d like more books on Daedra.’


‘That can be arranged. Let me get dressed and I’ll go buy you a few.’ She said.


‘You don’t need to spend more money on me.’ I replied.


‘They’ll be useful to me too.’ She lied and ran away before I could stop her.


Helga and I were alone. I still remembered the kiss from the previous day. To my surprise, she sat on the floor besides my chair and hugged my legs as if she was some kind of cat. She stayed there, quiet. I did nothing to dissuade her from it. It was… cute.


A few minutes after, Sofia came back with a jug of milk and some buns called “sweetrolls”. She put the two trays on the floor and sat. We had no table big enough for us all. She brought me a mug of milk and a sweetroll. I ate, it was tasty, but it felt as if that was not enough to satiate my hunger. Not that I was really hungry, though.


Sometime later, Brinn came back with two books on her hands, “The Names of the Daedra” and “Of the Oblivion Realms”. ‘You have started eating without me? I hope you left me something…’ She protested.


‘It was you who went away to get the books.’ Helga replied. Still, Brinn ate a sweetroll and drank a good load of milk.

‘Brinn, how much did they cost?’ I asked.


‘Three hundred spetims.’ She said. That was a lot of money.


‘I don’t want you to spend your money on me like that, please. It’s uncomfortable.’ I replied.


‘Our money is your money. Besides, I can go to the temple of Kynareth –who I had learnt was the Goddess of the wind- and Brinn can play in the inn for free lodging and some extra coin.’ Sarah said.


‘Still…’ I decided not to push it. After we had eaten I wanted to start reading, but could not with the girls there: they kept staring at me as if expecting me to do something incredible, filled with admiration. ‘I need some time alone.’ I said. That was enough, they scrambled out of the door before I even finished the phrase. I opened the books and read. It was an interesting read, but a passage was especially interesting to me:


“Succubi are a kind of daedra that serve Lord Sanguine. They project an aura of lust and attraction around them that can mesmerize people who are too long in close proximity to a succubus. Succubus do seek intimate contact with their prey, as repeated coitus can lead to the enthrallment of the poor soul. The enthralled soul will dedicate his life to his new Mistress without a second thought, and may live as long as her if kept fed and housed. Sometimes this means immortality, as succubi are daedra themselves and not from Nirn. Some fool souls sought out a succubus in order to gain eternal life in expense of their freedom.


However, the main reason why a succubus will sought intimate contact with a victim is because they feed on the sexual energy released during orgasm. They can use this energy to empower themselves greatly, to the point of transforming into red, horned women with terrible powers.

Ocassionally, Lord Sanguine crafts personally a Grand Succubus, a hermaphrodite succubus with increased powers. These vile creatures tend to disrupt peace and the order of society for centuries before being caught and slain.


Adittionally, male succubi, called incubi, exist, although in smaller quantities.”


It all made sense then. Why the girls behaved like that, why the food didn’t fill me, why I was a hermaphrodite. I put on my robes and went to the main room. All the looks paused on me. I could feel the lascivious stares of both men and women alike. They all suddenly desired me. After a second it disappeared. I was doing a conscious effort not to project my aura. ‘Sarah, Helga, Brinn, could you come, please?’ I said, and went back into the room. A moment later the girls were sitting in the bed as I walked back and forth in front of them like a teacher schooling her students. ‘I know you did something to me while I was unconscious. Tell me what you did.’ I ordered.


‘Well… your… your… it was hard.’ Brinn started. ‘We tried not to look, but we felt drawn to it… in the end, I don’t know what happened to us, maybe it was the ale… but we used our mouths.’


‘Your mouths?’ I asked.


‘Yes once.’ Sarah said.


‘And then again.’ Helga admitted.


‘And again…’ Brinn added.


‘Enough. Did you only use your mouths?’ I asked.


‘No.’ Sarah confessed after a tense silence. ‘Are you mad?’ That made my heart plunge. I felt like crying. They were completely emotionally dependent on me.


‘I’m not mad.’ I said, trying to make the best face I could. ‘But you have to understand what happened. I’m a succubus. A Grand Succubus, at that. Do you understand now which is the problem?’ I asked.


‘No.’ Brinn said.


‘Me neither.’ Helga added.


‘I do.’ Sarah said. ‘We are now yours.’


‘You are my slaves. My responsibility.’ I sentenced.


‘Not really, if you allow us we can do anything.’ Brinn smiled.


‘Are you free if you have to ask me for permission?’ I replied.


‘I, for one, have never been happier as I am now that I’m yours.’ Helga said, and she kneeled in front of me, and kissed my feet.

‘Neither have I’ Sarah said, imitating her.


‘I’m glad I’m our slave, Raya.’ Brinn said, doing exactly the same as the other two. They stood there, their lips on my toes, adoring me as if I was some kind of Goddess… I should have felt horrified. I should have felt bad. I should, had I still been human. But I was a Grand Succubus. And I felt magnificent. I felt alive. Powerful.


My delirium didn’t last long as my common sense brought me back to the ground. We needed money, and my pride forbade me to depend on them for income. ‘Tell me, my girls, how do you usually make money?’ I asked.


‘We travel. From time to time something interesting happens and I make a song about it.’ Brinna explained, still prostrated in front of me. ‘We make a lot of money with the new songs. It’s really dangerous, but pays well.’


‘What could I do to protect you?’ I wondered. ‘I would not be able to use a sword for the life of me.’ I admitted.


‘Let me be your sword and shield, Raya.’ Helga said.


‘I’ll pierce your enemies with my arrows.’ Sarah added.


‘And I’ll sing of your deeds.’ Brinn finished.


‘I guess that leaves to me the magic. As a succubus it should be natural, but I have no idea of magic. How can I learn more?’ I asked. I assumed certain parallelisms between the succubi of Earth’s mythology and Nirn’s succubi. I needed no books, I had three native girls to provide me with the information I needed.


‘You could study at the Collge of Winterhold, I could teach you some basic magic on our way north.’ Sarah said. ‘But we’ll need money for your tuition.’


‘And to keep you girls alive and well enough to feed me.’ I thought aloud.


‘I’ll compose a song of our journey and sing it in the inns and taverns we rest at. That will give us money.’ Brinn said.


‘I’ll hunt bears and trolls for their pelts.’ Helga said.


‘I’ll offer my healing services in towns.’ Sarah added.


It was all I needed. ‘Stand up, let me see you.’ I said and they obeyed. I took a good look at them: a beautiful skald, a gorgeous archer who knew some magic and a breathtaking warrior. And they were all mine. Mine. I liked the sound of that.


I finally had an objective: to learn magic at the College to be strong enough to save this world as Sanguine said I had to do… And then kick his balls for being an asshole.


But first I’d have to reach Winterhold. That was no easy task.


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