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Testing testing... who wants to be a beta tester? Unified Test build for v1.10



So yeah... I'm tinkering with Unified again...

What it's broken? - Not exactly, it could just be better... then again everything can always be better couldn't it?


So a strait rip from the thread... enjoy



Unified Test Build for V1.10:


Currently the base shape and sliders are redone for Unified UNP (HDT, TBBP, BBP, and No Bounce).

HDT body now includes a NiStringExtradata that points to the "meshes\actors\character\character assets\body.xml" xml file that Blabba introduced with Citrus's 4 alpha (not sure if its still in the beta though).

The XML is in the package and should drop into the folder... should (no promises though).


UNP HDT now includes has 6 leg muscle bones (front n back thigh - right and left + left and right calf = 6).

All 4 base bodies for Unified UNP have the 4 Breast and Butt RM Scale bones (for use with Racemenu3).

The Belly bone was copied over from Citrus 4 to the HDT body (is not in the tbbp, bbp, or no bounce bodies though).


DO NOT use this for the UNP PLUS side, as the base shape has been updated but the .bsd files have NOT. So you will end up with deformations to the Bodies if you use this for the Unified Plus.

Also the Plus body has not been updated to the new bones (just the shape was smoothed out).


Some new sliders (still not done though):

UNP Pushup, UNP Skinny, UNPF, UNPFx, and maybe one or two others are now included.

Why: I already had those finished and was waiting on an update to Bodyslide to allow for more then 100 sliders (damn that is a lot of sliders when you think about it).

Unified UNP Test Build for v1.10 (don't use it's not done yet Plus).7z


Shit left to do:

Redo all of the slider data for Plus, reweight the body with Citrus's additional bones, point the nistring extradata to the xml file....


Oh and I still have to convert the other shapes via KGtools to a 6850 vertices version so I can turn them into object files for the UNP side (which is used to create the .bsd data files that in turn users get to see as a slider... yeah that should be fun).


And I need to look over the bodies and compare them to hands and feet and make sure they line up, so the entire package works well together.... yeah so much fun that I forgot how much I hate fucking with this shit!!!




Source: Project: Unified UNP


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