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Converto the 30K nif file from hell...



Well I've been tinkering with the idea of creating a conversion set for Bodyslide 2/Outfit Studio and the first part of it is done.


The Nif file.

Hmmm, It's only 30Megs (31,450KB) in size (yeah and each base shape is usually only 565k so yeah it's kinda f'n big)....

And that NIF file contains the high and low body shapes for every body I've done in Unified UNP (and some I haven't released yet as well.... UNP Pushup and UNP Skinny yeah someday unified v1.10 will come out with those as options).


Now I need to create BSD files to go from each of those bodies to a CBBE v3.3 Curvy's high weight.

Oh and I'm mulling over the idea of rebuilding the base shape I use in Unified to be a perfect cbbe v3.3 curvy high shape....so yeah gotta do that first huh.


Once all the .bsd files are build....

Then I'll build an xml file that will point the correct mesh in the nif to the correct bsd file in the same folder (that shouldn't be to hard as you can tell OS what mesh to load via the xml).

So basically a 50 or so sliderset/slider loadout that points mesh xyz to corresponding the bsd file...


So how will it work?

Hahahaha..... that is the brilliant part.

You just copy the xml file from the slider set folder into the mesh folder for what ever armor you want to convert.

Then Load that xml as a reference, choose the X body to CBBE in the drop down (X being the body you want to convert from)... and if all goes well it will load the body you choose as a reference with a single slider that will convert that reference shape to a cbbe shape (san's name Converto).

Then load the outfit, conform to sliders, flip the slider to 100 and export the outfit in a CBBE 3.3 Curvy High shape ready for Outfit Studio....crackhead says what???


Sounds simple right.... no problem, yeah no problem at all...


Now it is just a matter of:

1. Rebuilding the base shape to a perfect match for cbbe's v3.3 curvy high (the wrist seams and the first row of vertices where the breast attach to the torso are the main differences in the current base shape, well not to mention that stray vert in the labia area of the unp base body...doh).


2. Building the .bsd files for each shape to CBBE (will be easy enough after step 1 is done)

3. Building the xml file.... (not that hard probably an hour or two in notepad++ at the most).


Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? yeah like nothing ever goes wrong when I work in Outfit Studio :blush:




EDIT: Just to see if the concept would work I skipped step 1 for the time being (yeah I shouldn't have but what they hell are ya gonna do about it...)



So the Code for the XML looks like this


<SliderSet name="UNP Low to CBBE">




<OutputFile GenWeights="false">boxcar</OutputFile>

<BaseShapeName target="UNP_Low" DataFolder="">UNP_Low</BaseShapeName>

<Slider name="UNP Low to CBBE" invert="false" small="0" big="0">

<datafile name="UNP Low to CBBE" target="UNP_Low" local="true">UNP Low to CBBE.bsd</datafile>




Just repeated over and over and over about 50 times or so...

The parts highlighted in Yellow need to be the same in each section.

The parts highlighted in Blue need to be the same in each section.


Just and example the UNP High version looks like this...


<SliderSet name="UNP High to CBBE">




<OutputFile GenWeights="false">boxcar</OutputFile>

<BaseShapeName target="UNP_High" DataFolder="">UNP_High</BaseShapeName>

<Slider name="UNP High to CBBE" invert="false" small="0" big="0">

<datafile name="UNP High to CBBE" target="UNP_High" local="true">UNP High to CBBE.bsd</datafile>




so on and so forth.... and the damn thing is f'n case sensitive

I was mucking around and didn't capitalize the L in Bombshell_low in the mesh name and I'll be damned it Outfit Studio would not load it when it was looking for a mesh named "Bombshell_Low".



But other then that the test is pretty much a success...


Oh and there are a total of 55 shapes.

54 of those bsd files are for high and low reference shapes, while UNPB Oppai V1 is the only one that had the high and low as the same damn shape...so yeah that is number 55 conversions to CBBE.


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