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This is the release version - many things yet to be adjusted. The lyric follows below:     "O pensamento.. o sofrimento.. dói no cú (3x)..   Aonde estares.. aonde estares é tu,   Aonde estares na vida, o sentimento é tu..   Aonde estares na vida, o sentimento é cru..   Aonde estares na vida, o sofrimento é cú..   O que virarei  O que virá é  O que virou da merda.. Isto é cú.."

FireFx and a couple soundtracks

1. FireFx [above] 2. The Animal 3. I ki kiri kiri kinah 4. Kahmn's Natural - kimah uah nah 5. I'm a whyer 6. Cavalo - sittoh wahk noah   [obs.: I  don't know how to insert the soundtracks here, thus I've placed the link for each file]   All these soundtracks makes part of the stories, each character has a story and a music [are more than 100soundracks]: I'll publish here some of them. These songs are involved with the water, with the fire, in the way

What's Been Doing Rose66 - IV

Special thanks always for you all from LoversLab, and for all thesims3 custom content creators [the list is big, and I unfortunetly haven't all their links anymore, except for Vio's, from Sketchbook  Pixels, and the ATS3 Rocket ] - but indeed I haven't the understanding on the reciprocity of these stories, and even for this, in the many places where they're published, I didn't place credits in the footnotes, nowadays are millions of views, but the matters wich involves divulgations are quite con

La Carmem de Corona - Part 1 - The Party

.. base sims from other creators were used, and adapted. the ones which I still have the link are: Carmem [ made by simedmywayuptothetop (x) ] Corona ['Azael Valek' by Plastisim, which tumblr is no longer available, but it can still be found at lanaSims3cc ]              



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