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  1. .. base sims from other creators were used, and adapted. the ones which I still have the link are: Carmem [ made by simedmywayuptothetop (x) ] Corona ['Azael Valek' by Plastisim, which tumblr is no longer available, but it can still be found at lanaSims3cc ]
  2. Hi, Spy, thanks, TS3 is amazing ..🙂 yes, it's I who make them, I'll leave some of them available for dl. along with the stories, anytime further, because, I still didn't finish them, still going to improve.
  3. Yes, yes, Tirloque, my worries are another… . You must have in mind that the entertainment isn’t neither the love nor the nature: but a conditioning to an acceptation: which comes, progressively, losing its entire effects, in all the kinds of media: it doesn’t go beyond a replication: the understanding of the nature as parables, little fairies, sick and monsters, vanished its possibilities. The entertainment is a form of suffering: but, however, is understood as a pleasure. In mode that the stories don’t have how to be an entertainment, this one, which carries the concordance of the commercial… I understand my work as a memory, launched to the time. But Johnny Depp, in the stories, will transform himself into a lizard, and will go back to the nature, because, it’s exactly this that he’s trying to do. In mode that the best form of talking about these things is in the way that the stories are being written, the most well-structured critic made to the Christianism and the Philosophy of the Occident. You say, “Anne, there’s other form of doing this..”: and I tell you, there isn’t. The humanity misunderstood its moment, in mode that the memory of an acceptation is being forgotten, and these stories are a living document of how and why this happened. But the stories will evolve, yes, in a different ‘atmos’, and you may yes understand them, and even like, as an alternative form of entertainment. The story of Depp is an institutional story, work and family, society and the world, and Depp, for this, may have this interpretation of “boring”, but its dynamic it’s quite different, this is only an introduction, and even for this, the volume. The rationality will be reconducted, and will take a device into another kind of language, the language of the dreams… the image it’s not a dream, you have to perceive this. And the stories have this capacity, because, the rationality was already placed forward, and all this which was spoken in the before, will only have sense in the after, when the perfusion of the stories begin happening. In mode that I insist, even though upsetting yourself, continue reading. Thank you, Best regards.
  4. So it is, right, Tirloque..? “why would someone make a sacanagem of these…? people come to have fun, and ends up having to read a lot of shit… an entire page spoken, and the understanding of something always submitted to four different angles: and none image truly interesting: that which will happen, never happens, worse than Lost, the mystery never clears itself up… and the person be obligated to read the bible, without that any pleasure may be obtained with this… the story is of sex, but sex really, it doesn’t have: it is not according to the philosophy, as it should be. How much waste of S3 material…[!] that the community worked hard”: yes, this is almost ‘unjustifying the use of a tool’, a waste: “it would be enough doing just a couple things, and… that would be a pleasure.” Yea, we’re in the part one, of 66… and the script is not exactly an individual speaking of a character, Johnny Depp is slow as a lizard, he talks a lot and is a ‘chato’… this story was written about 4 years ago, he was yet beginning with Amber, a lot of things happened with him at that moment, and the story was only liberated now. All the actors had similar problems in their personal lives, in mode that a new life was offered for them. You don’t know what’s dream, you don’t know what’s desire, you haven’t the understanding of the Book, and the story is a personal quest. In the moment, you’re in the condition of observer, and for this, outside of the story: you need to re-read it again, and go until the end , because it’s not exactly a condition of game: the sense of the eyes it’s not of an “expression”: but a marking up of black box: they happen, always, in middle a duality, where the angle possess an spatial deformity. There exists a structure, which’s the core of an action, a quite few known phenomena, on hippocampus level, the human eyes are spectral: this means that the human being only sees the front, in mode that the unique thing that you see is an image. The stories will give a treatment in the disconfiguration of the image, for this, that which you called “redundancy”, or “excess of words”, it never refers to the same angle. And it was that which I’ve already said here before, it’s a gift for LoversLab, a form of my thanks, and that this first phase, it is under the conditions of the Biblical understanding, and a lot of these things may only make sense for Cardinals and Rabbis: but the second phase is quite different. For this I think so that, even though upset, continue reading, the dynamic will be another: the words will simply disappear: and another language will be in background. The Biblical passage, technically, was already made, but the distaste had to be put forward, because indeed, the reality it’s not a taste for the nature. See if it's better like this... some images of the part II and the part III in att. For reading with a better resolution, read it at this [x] link.
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