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About this blog

The Adventures of a Merry Gang of sex addicts in the harsh and devious lands of Skyrim, and the people they meet in their many travels.


Servius Pomponius Callidus, Twink, Short King, Shezzarine, cursed by circumstances to become the perfect fucktoy, trapped within him a Dragon Soul.


Arlimahera of Dragonstar, Redguard, Thief and Scoundrel, thrown in a fight and a culture that isn't her own, and who despises everyone involved in it, seeking revenge against those who betrayed her and sold her into slavery, a slavery she soon found freedom from.


Psysephona, Altmer Diplomat from Alinor, idle rich, alleged mistress of the arcane arts, and unrepentant racist, now forced to live off the road with three scoundrels from lesser races.


And Urzoga gra-Shar, the Iron-Boar, Warrior and Berserker of Malacath, defiler of virtues, despoiler of virgins, unbroken, unconquered, breaker of cocks, destroyer of wombs, who no chieftain or warrior ever managed to get the best to.


The fates of these four individuals will all converge onto one, single frontier outpost, in the small city of Helgen, where black wings soon descend from the white skies, and destinies are made, through fire and war.

Entries in this blog

Character Sheets

Character sheets for the four members of the Party.   Side note, Servius is the Shezzarine and the Last Dragonborn here, but he won't be the one that will be sang in the songs. After all, he does cut quite the pathetic figure, and what better symbol to use, than a Redguard Dragonborn, a warrior that came from the one country who repelled the Thalmor by themselves, to settle the war in Skyrim with her thuum? Maybe some fools can even hypothesize she's actually one of the descendants of


goodking0 in skyrim

Arlimahera of Dragonstar, the Hunted becomes the Hunter

Arlimahera of Dragonstar, betrayed by her travelling companions in a foreign, savage land, and sold into slavery. The ones she thought to be her ally treating her like nothing more than Livestock, to be sent off to Alinor, the capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, the ones who subjected her people to horror and strife, all because she was objecting with their methods, objecting with their mission.   She was supposed to be sent to the re-education camps, to become a mindless, broken toy for

Servius Pomponius Callidus, Sex Toy of the Gods

Trapped within the depths of Helgen Keep, inside a forgotten cell with only an old, oxidated statue of Mara to keep him company, Servius contacts his Grim Patron, Hermanus Mora, to seek guidance for his current predicament.   Herma Mora, the Gardener of Men, agrees to give him his dark aid, but in order to do so, he shall be used as a plaything by one of Herma Mora's dark, tentacular monsters first, as Herma Mora works behind the scenes to have one of Magnus' devotees, Psysephone of Al

Lore: Characters Backstories

So, a bunch of stuff.   First off, it's 3 and 1, the three that are the women, and the one that is the man. It's symbolic, it's Almsivi and Dagoth Ur, or the Three Heads of Talos and Shezzar, or the Kyne Mara Dibella and Shor, or Pelinal Alessia Morihaus and Umaril, or Thief Mage Warrior and Serpent.   The best trinity to use as an example here is probably Azurah, Kyne and Namira and Lorkhan, Azura the Sister, Kyne the Wife, and Namira the Daughter, but sister and daughter ar


goodking0 in skyrim

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