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About this blog

Hello ! This is my first blog entry and I'll try to share the best of what I'm doing with my game. I'm basically testing a lot of mods, creating new characters and recruiting new followers. Thanks to all the modders and screenarchers who gave me inspiration 😀


4 december 2020 : Spirit of the Forest (guest character Clochette Vertefeuille)

3 january 2021 : A World of Blue (guest character Aruna)

31 january 2021 : Tea Party with Völuspá and her friends (guests Bragi, Viarmo, Elenwen, Endarie)

Entries in this blog

Tea Party with Völuspá and her friends

Another story I have made last month to introduce one of my characters Völuspá. I'm not good at english but I like to take scenery shots and I couldn't share this set without writting few lines to make it more interesting. I got inspired by the beautiful Elenwen & Endarie replacers by Gman749/MaximumEric, thanks to him !   I'm not planning to continue this story at the moment but I took a lot of additionnal pictures for this set. They will be release in the next entry as a bonus se


Aphazel in Story

A World of Blue

Not so long ago, the Nord woman known as Ásdís had an unhappy encounter with a wizard. He took almost everything from her, changed her identity. She lost her family and her friends. Her skin turned blue. She had to start her life again but she was given new powers. She didn't want to find the wizard and take revenge but instead she travelled all around the world to make everything blue. She needed allies to complete her quest and she just met Aruna. They started to know each other...  


Aphazel in Story

Spirit of the Forest

This first entry is a story I have made few months ago. The main protagonist is Sunsakuka's character Clochette Vertefeuille. She is probably the best follower I had during my adventures in Skyrim and I wanted to make a little story with her.   I'm not fluent in english and I tried to make it simple for everyone to understand. I'm open to any suggestions !   *** MODS USED ***       / PART I \     // PART 2 \\     /// PART


Aphazel in Story

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