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  1. Thanks ! You can see the mod list on every picture description. The statue is from the new Karlov Manor Hammerfell expansion, inside the Temple of Salomne
  2. Haven't been here for a while, nice to see this thread alive ! Little contribution : Full album and mod list here
  3. Another story I have made last month to introduce one of my characters Völuspá. I'm not good at english but I like to take scenery shots and I couldn't share this set without writting few lines to make it more interesting. I got inspired by the beautiful Elenwen & Endarie replacers by Gman749/MaximumEric, thanks to him ! I'm not planning to continue this story at the moment but I took a lot of additionnal pictures for this set. They will be release in the next entry as a bonus set (same place, same characters). Thanks for watching ! *** MODS USED
  4. Not so long ago, the Nord woman known as Ásdís had an unhappy encounter with a wizard. He took almost everything from her, changed her identity. She lost her family and her friends. Her skin turned blue. She had to start her life again but she was given new powers. She didn't want to find the wizard and take revenge but instead she travelled all around the world to make everything blue. She needed allies to complete her quest and she just met Aruna. They started to know each other... [Not a real story but I always have little background for my characters. I just don't know how to m
  5. I agree with those who already commented. It is really nicely done ! I love the characters and funny dialogues I'm gonna read the first chapter now 🤣
  6. Thank you ! Sorry for the late reply. I will try to share some of my old sets here and also the new ones I have made. I hope you fixed your problem with the skin textures
  7. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate Yes I'm bad at making good effects and I'm still looking for a mod that changes the spells effect. I'm using the basic one and it doesn't look good 🤣 Yes she left Skyrim and we miss her pictures. I thought it would be good to make a story with one of her characters. She is now active on Daz3D and she is posting pictures on Twitter and Discord. I've never heard of Arinoir. I made a reseach and found her profile but unfortunately her stories are no longer availab
  8. Thanks, I appreciate! I edited the first pictures of the story to make them darker. I don't know what will happen next, in the very last picture we can think there is something in front of them but I had no idea 🤣 I also joined the Storytellers Club (recommanded by Alter_Native) and I will have a look at your profile, looks interesting! Thanks ! 😀 Thanks ! I have other stories I've made before, I think I will upload some of them in few days. And I have other projects in mind.
  9. Nice character! You have really good settings, her skin looks so perfect and I love her outfit too 🤩
  10. This first entry is a story I have made few months ago. The main protagonist is Sunsakuka's character Clochette Vertefeuille. She is probably the best follower I had during my adventures in Skyrim and I wanted to make a little story with her. I'm not fluent in english and I tried to make it simple for everyone to understand. I'm open to any suggestions ! *** MODS USED *** / PART I \ // PART 2 \\ /// PART 3 \\\ //// PART 4 \\\\ BONUS PICTURES No sex conte
  11. Hello ! I'm just discovering your stories, I didn't know you have been so productive, along with all your good mods (especially the Karlov Manor, I'm planning to make few scenes inside it but can't choose which room cause they are all great 😀) I always wanted to make stories in a dark world with vampires and other creatures and I think my stories would look like yours if I had motivation, that's a really good job ! Now I have to read all your chapters, from the very first one. That will take some time !
  12. I haven't been there for a while, I've missed good pictures 😀
  13. You just gave me the answer. I reinstalled BS (I didn't update it since 2017 lol) and everything seems to be working now !! 🤣 I should reinstall the game as well because it is such a mess with all my mods. Thank you for your help
  14. Thanks for all the explanations! I should write your guide in my folder in case I forgot something. I've been using Bodyslide for a long time but I've learned things from you (like the vanilla UNP body) It is not solving my problem though and I think I'll give up. I don't really want to change my PC body from CBBE to UUNP. I'll just play as I always did. We canno't always get what we want I ALWAYS check the morphs box, if there is something wrong, I don't know what it can be. I just wanted to know why there are outfits that work and other that don't.
  15. Thank you for the quick answer! I knew I was doing something wrong, but what ? Sorry but this is not easy at all for me. I'm completely lost. What do you mean by standardizing on one body type ? How do you do that ? For years I've spent hours trying to find explanations about that feature. Do I need to use Outfit Studio ? I still don't know why a UUNP armor doesn't fit my UUNP followers (this is what I'm looking for) (and I didn't know about the CTRL key but it doesn't matter since I'm NOT using custom race, right ?)
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