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About this blog

Posting all the magazines I make for my models would be too repetitive, but in case anyone is interested, I'll put them here.

Entries in this blog

1975 Playmate of the year special issue

Today a special number. Based on the number of visits to each Playmate of the year 1975, I have chosen the Playmate of the year. I have also put a selection of all the candidates to remember them with new photos and a small report of the winner with her prizes. I hope you like it.  


Patriguz in Annual


Greetings. Normally I do soft sessions with the Bunnys, in the style of Playboy ,,, but I have hundreds of pics of the girls in attitudes, let's say, more "daring", so I remembered an old magazine from my adolescence that included this type of material (You know , those magazines that were to "see", not to "read", before the Internet).  So I have made a cover for each of my girls and share them with you. Especially with those of us who are already 40 years old    


Patriguz in LIB Story

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