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Help with translation?

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Hi guys.

So I'm trying to translate this particular esp 


Belonging to this house mod


from russian to english (for personal use cause i don't have permission)

I had successfully translated many other house mods from the same Russian website using egg translator , 

But this one just refuses to load into the program , giving me an error (File structure is not recognized)

I have since tried using other programs to no avail (they all just crash)

Loading the esp into the construction set gives an error as well:

"reference attached to wrong cell for it's location"

Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried the Mod in game?


The esp is corrupted. I am sure it will crash your game.

The worldspace cells are not in the world space section, even not in the esp structure

A esp starts with file header ( Mod name, masterfiles entries.

But in the Wannhame.esp the world cell entries are loose entries above the file header.




But if the mod contrary to all expectations works...then you can translate it:
Create a copy of the esp. Load it in TES4Edit. Delete the wrong world cell entires .
Now you can use egg translator . After translation you copy the translated entries into the original esp.
Maybe there is a map marker for the house and it is not translatd ( wasin the world cell data ). You have the name of the house, rename the Map marker.


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Thank you for replying , the unchanged esp did work but caused some random crashed and was untranslatable.

Deleting the entries above the header makes the house not appear at all! 

I guess if the esp is corrupted , then i better abstain from installing it (don't want to ruin my save or anything.


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You should use the esp with the delete Landscape for translation ! Not in game !

If you delete the entries you can use egg translator .


And the translation you add in the esp with the Landscape entries, the original esp. ( use TES4Edit )


But it is better to not use the esp/Mod, I am sure the random crashed are caused by the wrong worldspace cells entries.


??? and about 40 worldspace cells for one house Mod ???

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I finally managed to get around to doing it like you instructed and now the plugin is fully translated.

I had thought the crashes were due to language difference but they're still happening after translation

so sadly i don't think i'll be using the mod anymore , which is a shame because it's a really nice house mod.

Anyways thank you so much for helping out.

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