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  1. I finally managed to get around to doing it like you instructed and now the plugin is fully translated. I had thought the crashes were due to language difference but they're still happening after translation so sadly i don't think i'll be using the mod anymore , which is a shame because it's a really nice house mod. Anyways thank you so much for helping out.
  2. Thank you for replying , the unchanged esp did work but caused some random crashed and was untranslatable. Deleting the entries above the header makes the house not appear at all! I guess if the esp is corrupted , then i better abstain from installing it (don't want to ruin my save or anything.
  3. Hi guys. So I'm trying to translate this particular esp TD_Wannhame.esp Belonging to this house mod http://tesdiesel.blogspot.fr/2012/12/wannhame-castle.html from russian to english (for personal use cause i don't have permission) I had successfully translated many other house mods from the same Russian website using egg translator , But this one just refuses to load into the program , giving me an error (File structure is not recognized) I have since tried using other programs to no avail (they all just crash) Loading the esp into the construction set gives an error as well: "reference attached to wrong cell for it's location" Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Problem solved! Reinstalling some of the mods and sorting out a little seems to have fixed everything Thank you very much fejeena .
  5. Yes , I've used BOSS and then readjusted the load order manually. Bash patch does not include Lovers mods. No i don't use NMM , i know it doesn't work well with oblivion Yes Lovers Creatures is installed after LAPF and overwrites it , other lapk mods are installed last This is an example of the glitch i'm having and what's weird is that the dialogue sex is perfectly aligned.
  6. Just recently went back to oblivion and started to mod it , and right now i'm encountering a weird problem with animations. Basically consensual (dialogue and lovers bed) animations are just fine. However , all rape (pc-npc AND npc-npc) as well as creature animations are messed up. they are severely misaligned ,sometimes the two participants aren't even touching one another, and the bodies are shaking and unstable. I've tried new game and different installation order but it's no use. Here's my load order if anyone wants to help:
  7. There's a lot more here (click the male symbol for easier searching) Also here , although some of the files require a password found here.
  8. Would it be possible for you to make this mod compatible with starbound 1.2.4?
  9. vectorplexus.com Thx for replying but i don't think that any of the armors that i listed are hosted there.
  10. Hey guys , does anyone know where the download links for SAM armors went? Like the Ashara Prince of the Woods Refit , Revealing Tsun Armor , Aokis Revealing Projects , Dungeon Guards Inspired Armor and all the other skimpy stuff. I went to ladymoiraine's (where they used to be hosted) , but it seems like all the SAM related stuff has been wiped out or something Anyways luckily i still have the mod itself , just not the skimpy armors and some of the textures (like the 3mw ones ..)
  11. I'm just gonna copy/paste what someone told me a long time ago , hope it'll help: If you want to keep using SOS, there is a way to use SAMs meshes and textures, but requires a bit of manual installing/renaming/nif work:- 1. Replace the SOS male body, hands, and feet meshes in 'Data/Meshes/actors/character/character assets' folder. 2. Replace the SOS genital meshes in the 'Data/Meshes/actors/character/character assets/SOS/Smurf Average' (or VectorPlexus Regular) folder. (You could have the Circumcised version in Smurf folder and Uncircumcised in VectorPlexus folder) 3. Rename the SAM body, hands, and head textures of your choice or just use the standard SAM textures and replace the textures in the 'Data/textures/actors/character/male' folder. (they go from smooth to very hairy) 4. Rename the SAM genital textures of your choice or use standard SAM textures and replace the textures in the 'Data/textures/actors/character/SOS/Smurf Average' (or VectorPlexus Regular) folder. (make sure you match the genital texture to the body texture you choose) 5. Remove the SAMunderwear in NifSkope by clicking on the underwear mesh and select 'remove branch'. 6. Reapply the hdtm.xmls to all genital nifs. SAM Body and textures using SOS Foreskin (uncircumcised) Link to the thread
  12. Some of them require hdt high heels i think
  13. This blog contains several , for example: http://blog.naver.com/say4015/220760596436 http://blog.naver.com/say4015/220756550740 Codes for unzipping can be found here. Hmm, those are causing insta-crash for me? Anyone else having issues? They work fine for me If the crash happens exactly when you try to equip the clothes , it means there's an issue with the the skeleton. Try installing/reinstalling XPMSE v3.21 , that usually fixes it
  14. This blog contains several , for example: http://blog.naver.com/say4015/220760596436 http://blog.naver.com/say4015/220756550740 Codes for unzipping can be found here.
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