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Last exception, maybe more ..

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Since a few weeks i have some problems with my Sims 4 - I have the wickedwhimms mod and other Mods installed, they seem working so far (Reinstalled WW and cleaned the installation properly too)


my Problem : For example, i want to grab the Vamp-lore book to read it ... Nothing happens, except the "Last exception log"

Same goes for some Interactions with Pets, like bathing them for example.

Same goes for a few other things too.


This is pretty annoying and i could not figure out how to fix any of this. i used some kind of XML viewer ((http://xmlprettyprint.com/)) to take a closer look at the lastexceptions but without any luck. 

Maybe one of you knows whats going on ?



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Updating your base game to might fix some issues, you have




UPDATE: 3/20/2018 - PC / Mac

  • You may have been perplexed when you noticed that you couldn’t read anymore. Weird, right? Well just as mysteriously as the ability disappeared, it’s back. Try it, I promise you can do it now.
  • If you lost things when switching a household in an apartment in the same building, we blame naughty gremlins in the machine… It won’t happen again.
  • When you throw a social event, attendees will now do their part to complete communal events.
  • Serums work as advertised.
  • In case you forgot your fish’s name, the fish bowl tooltip will now remind you.



Post a new Last Exception after updating, as I see a custom trait is causing a problem and a lot of animation issues with base game objects.

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