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Masculine Bodied Sims w/o Penis still has Penis

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I have two trans male sims in my game at the moment. They both have the masculine frame, and both of them I've been sure to turn off the 'does this sim have a penis' option. There's no option to set their default penis style in game, so I know WW recognizes this.


However, whenever they are naked (for sex, the shower, a bath, taking a piss, skinny dipping, etc) they will appear to have an untextured penis attached to them, despite what I've told the system.


This is very frustrating, and right now the only 'work around' is to make a sim have a sleepwear outfit that consists of their true 'nude' state, and change them into that during sex, but when they are performing basic functions they are out of luck. 


Is there something I'm missing here? Or is this just going to be a bug indefinitely?

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