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Lustmord Vampire Armor - CBBE SSE Bodyslide

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UPDATE: Full version (with permission) is now available on Nexus:



WARNING: This is only bodyslide files and updated .esp (form 44). You still NEED to download original mod here.


Credit to AmethystDeceiverAuthor isn't active for a long time, if there's any issues please PM me and I'll remove it.


Steps you need to do (for newbies. If you know what you're doing please skip this)

1. Download original mod. MANUAL download. Put in somewhere you like (not inside the game folder).

2. Install BSA extractor. Run it.

3. Simply drag the .bsa file to the BSA extractor tool. You will find the meshes and textures folder after the .bsa file is extracted.

4. Install SSE NIF Optimizer. Extract it.

5. Copy all the meshes (.nif files) to the folder where you installed the NIF Optimizer. Run the tool.

6. Copy all the optimised .nif files and paste it to the folder in step 1 (Lustmord files). let it overwrite oldrim meshes.

6. Don't forget to delete the .bsa file.

7. Put my files and let my .esp overwrite the original mod.

8. It should be this structure in the end:



and this is inside the scripts folder



You don't need to convert the textures and scripts!

You can safely delete any .nif files that contains name "unp", "unpb", and "cbbe" in meshes folder as they're no longer needed (I edited the .esp and the bodyslide will refer to the files without those labellings).


9. Repack the mod into zip using 7z or whatever you have.

10. Add via mod manager like NMM.

11. Install.

12. And done!


Pic credit: dovajoaquim


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    CBBE, Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
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