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  1. No offense taken i haven't been on this or skyrim in ages.
  2. You need to convert dd integration for it to be in your game.
  3. you'll need zaz for dd but other than that all you'll need to run sse nif optimizer and converttosse with hvkpp in dda and ddi files and it's parfait
  4. It must be on your end, try redownloading skyui
  5. You wanna grab creation kit for tools such as havokbehaviorpostprocess and on nexus find sse nif optimizer for nif files that generally converts textures/meshes and for hkx (anims) find convertosse (I think on nexus) and use them in the files you wish to convert but make sure you have the mods requirements in a sse format such as the sexlab 1.63 works as it is a framework
  6. Do you have them enabled in the sexlab framework and have other mods like creature framework and some other mods for the animations like mnc
  7. Do you have fuz ro do'h just inquiring that's all haven't been on it in a while might help me rule things out when i test it.
  8. No worries if you do have any just come here.
  9. I believe Devious Devices have the answer for actual bdsm stuff zaz provides the anims, you can convert anything as long as you meet the requirements of the mod but for textures/meshes you need Sse nif optimizer.
  10. Btw you can just move sse nif optimizer into the file and run it
  11. I believe you need a mod called simple slavery that makes that part of the mod work https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/742-simple-slavery/ you'll need to convert zaz and get fuz ro doh https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109 remember to convert simple slavery too.
  12. Aw damn I’ll test it first thing when I get back on it and see if I can help.
  13. Did you toggle free camera??
  14. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5328-sexlab-animation-loader-sse/ here is slal se and yes in order to register the animations you might need to re register mods in creature framework if you have it