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Miss Agatha's Palace, a RPG from Extrafantasygames, is now released!


Fresh out of adventuring college,  the male protagonist meets up with his two best friends Elizabeth and Anne to have their very first adventure!  The princesses of  Miss Agatha's Palace, the Hornby town brothel, have been abducted!  It's up to you and your team to save them.  Elizabeth and Anne are fighting over something too, if you only knew what...  (It's you.  They both want to experience you).  From sexy brothels to romantic nights under the stars, the adventure is in your hands.

Fully voice acted, hand drawn, animated sex scenes!  MF, MFF, MMF, FF pairings with POV, tit jobs, blowjobs, doggie style, 69, prone fucking, cunnilingus, reverse cowgirl, anal, MILFs, twincest, and more!  Each girl has a specialty, it's up to you to choose. Made with RPG Maker VX Ace.  Fully uncensored. 


Itch.io full game - https://extrafantasygames.itch.io/miss-agathas-palace

Demo - https://extrafantasygames.itch.io/miss-agathas-palace-demo

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/extrafantasygames


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