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[WHAT IS/HOW TO?] Synchronized Sounds + Text + Animation Stages/Timing

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There's a certain clip on Naughty Machinima (well, the uploader made several clips, but just using the latest as reference material for now...) that seems to have a surprisingly well-timed combination (at least for Skyrim standards of sexual sounds), apropos-like messages, and animation stages/moments.


I think I recognise the animations (or at least some of them) and, after doing a bit of searching, I have my suspicions in regard to where the sounds/voices could be found (thanks to https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19588-sexlab-index/  )That said, I'm fairly certain this isn't the default version of apropos, at the very least. Moreover, it would be nice to have some confirmation from someone more knowledgable about Sexlab Modding, since I've only very recently returned from a Skyrim break, and I'm unfortunately fairly busy at the moment.


Consequently, I would like to know the following:

1: Which animations are used, and where can they be found?

2A: Which mods are required for the voices?

2B: Which mods are required for the sexual sounds?

3: Which mods are required for text that comes up at the top?


The clip in question is:


https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/30840/skyrim-elf-girl-knotted-2-hd (Bestiality, obviously)


PS: Some people already asked the uploader in question about the mods used ( in both the comment section of his profile's wall and the comment section of the clips themselves), but, for some reason or another, he doesn't appear to be inclined to answer.



Well, I did find this via google:

"The voice pack is from Nusbie
The sfx are custom from various sex packs sources
The animations is from Nibbles from SexLab"

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