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Regarding CTD from d3d9.dll and enbhost

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Here are a few hours that I meet a rather contrary difficulty

I tried to update the ENB mod RealVision (which I use since some times) from v2.66 to v3.15. So I decided to also update EnbSeries to v0.319. Big Mistake.

It seems that the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe files from the Wrapper version cause my game to instantly crash (so a direct CTD) when I launch SKSE from my ModOrganizer.

Moreover, the Injector verion seems to do nothing ingame, colors remaining vanilla.


After some researches (and testing some solutions which obviously didn't work), it seems than the problem come from Windows 10 and games using DirectX9. I downloaded the files to try to install DirectX9 (maybe it was already on my pc since the mod worked well before, but can't remember) from the FAQ link on the Nexus page of the ENB, but nothing change.


If somebody could give me some clue about it... It's seems a very commun error from some forums but I can't resolve it.


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