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Which program is best for editing textures


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I use Photoshop as well' date=' and I don't have problems at all. When I want to save DDS file with alpha channel, I change the quality to ARGB. When I don't want alpha channel, I save using XRGB.



Perhaps the problem is in the version of the program, the same set texture is displayed differently in Photoshop and otherwise in Irfanview.

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I really don't have a suggestion about this issue. Sorry.


You can also try Paint.NET. It comes with support for DDS files by default. Also simple to use.


Thank you very much :) ' date=' I downloaded the program, it works perfectly :P . thank you :D


You're welcome. Happy modding!! :D

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well i'm not really into texturing a lot even tho i luv creating my own mesh..


my tools..

- Photoshop CS2 : yeah i know its not free, but trial do enough

- Nvidia DDS plugin : for opening/Saving DDS file.

- Crazy bumb : now this one is cool stuff, for creating normal/bump map and its definitely far better than Nvidia DDS plugin. the downside its not free, 30 day trial.

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I used photoshop to create the textures for the art of magicka. You need to get the nvidia dds plugin.


But it depends on what you mean by best. If you want the highest quality textures then photoshop is best. If you want more efficiently made textures programs like mudbox that allow you to paint in 3D are better (if you're creating/converting your own models). If you just want something free that will get the job done then gimp is probably the best (and it has a dds plugin too).

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