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Soul Worker nude mod


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Nude mod for Soul Worker. Tested on steam version of game


Install :

1. Place data000.v to "Steam\steamapps\common\SoulWorker\datas\" ( where another .v datas archives is )

2 Move packinginfo.dat out of Steam\steamapps\common\SoulWorker\GameEtc\ folder ( place back before starting official client patch )
   OR use arnie-sendai's method


Uninstall : delete "Steam\steamapps\common\SoulWorker\datas\data000.v"


Download :

Loverslab data000.v

Mega : data000.v



HaruFinal.thumb.jpg.612b4724fccb82cb7cde2889a476a2f8.jpg LilyFinal.thumb.jpg.3f0cf665bc26870c7e67989d1f0395c7.jpg StellaFinal.thumb.jpg.8b2841913e39c5ad5fd56b4e9df922f1.jpg


swChii01.jpg.884935b0101721ef3d6294d378e9aebe.jpg sw_ephnel_mod01.jpg.7ee676d24a0d649e0aabc022c42d6d41.jpg







xxx.v Tool Xor_tool.rar

Edited by darsig
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New patch version. No need to replace original files of client anymore. Simply download data000.v and place it to "datas" folder in client root

Stella mod included

Game start clothes to nude version added


Ppl who's used old patch - better reinstall your client now to avoid official patches problems in future and install new mod after

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Honestly I do not know what is problem. For me all works fine without any gliches or something. Chars appears nude only if you put on default(game start) fashion clothes of remove fasion at all.

I can pack mod files to default game .v archives , but we always needs to have back up of modded archives and after every official patch we need to repack them , and size of mods'll be much large (about 400mb insted of 500kb )


Anyone else who uses mod have problems with it?

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too much work to do so. Not going to make "all fashion nude mod"


Patch updated with Haru portrait change while searching party for dungeon

Iris character nude mod included. Not tested couse we can not pick her in game for now

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3 hours ago, darsig said:

too much work to do so. Not going to make "all fashion nude mod"


Patch updated with Haru portrait change while searching party for dungeon

Iris character nude mod included. Not tested couse we can not pick her in game for now

how about nude searching party for dungeon portraits?

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On 3/29/2018 at 9:55 PM, eatingsnake said:

It doesn't work on jp kr soulworkrer. how do i have to do? i just put this file on data folder but it didn't work. if other players wear same clothed it doesn't work?

You have to use the .v extractor and manually replace files (for KR version, can't say for JP).

The .v files with the character datas are data01, data03, data05, data50


You can find the extractor easily on google.

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43 minutes ago, eatingsnake said:

guy thanks. you mean extract date000.v and put components of character(ex. PC F) to date50.v ? In data000.v there are guis and items folder, then where do i put this file?

Its too hard... anyway thanks for your kindness.


Yes, you will want to extract the contents of data000.v using the converter, then convert data01, 03, 05, and 50 into a ZIP file using converter, then replace files in those ZIP files with the data you got out of data000.v.


I don't know if GUI and Item replacements work, but I know 100% that character replacement will work.


For KR version, every time there's a patch released, game will refuse to patch saying some data is missing. It'll re-download original versions of the data files, after patching is complete, then you have to reapply this mod.

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thats the point i made data000 ( i was surprised that client "ate" it ) , to not to backup, paste original packs before patch, repack mod again. Pitty it's not working on other then steam version. Maybe this mod'll not work on steam version later too.


for other then steam version , you need to unpack mine data000 and pack ( replace ) needed meshes, material, textures and icons to vanilla packs


Number on packs as far as i know for current steam game version :

data01 - Haru

data03 - Lily

data05 - Stella

data06 - NPC

data11 - Char equip ( fashion )

data16 - item Icons

data19 - Party forming to dungeon window ( some UI )

data50 - Iris


Xor tool for crypt-decrypt .v archives if some1 needs : Xor ( big thanks to ppl who made this tool from zentax forum )


notice : if you have moded .v files and official patch is out , you can get error on patch installation and maybe get a ban. Always make a backup of original .v files before modding them

There is no any such problems with data000 for now. 

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Seems that due to GUI dds textures different will cause GUI texture misalignment, maybe GUI selection's dds mod is not good enough for other region/version;

but as author said, it's able to load Character mod and Item mod normally now.


btw, I found that JP/KR/TW versions files loaded are limited by "packinginfo.dat" under "GameEtc" dir,

that's why steam/GF (NA/EU) version can load anything, for no that file exist under that directory.

Simply delete "packinginfo.dat" (or rename/move it) can let JP/KR/TW versions load this mod correctly,

but for some reason I still made modded and original packinginfo.dat inside the archive below.

(note that my packinginfo.dat is for TW only, due to that file will be different in other versions)

Still recommand backup original packinginfo for future update in all versions.


That's I know about files I/O rule in other non steam/GF version, hope this info will help.

Here is my modified mod for example, and it's for TW.

nude_mod_TW (裸體mod_台服).zip


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robin5968ty for information.

seems like we simply needs to add row with data000.v in right place to packinginfo.dat ( can be edited with notepad ) for other then steam versions of game.. 


I made some options and reuploaded new datas to 1st post

data000 mod with models, materials and textures for characters

data001 mod for gui interface

tested on steam version and it works.


I'll make new gui mod when new content'll come out on steam version

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