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Follower Outfit Replacer Mod?

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Such a thing? I'm able to add custom armor in CK and assign through TesVEdit, but have loads of NPC replacers so just wonder if anyone made a loose file (Mesh & Textures) mod to replace follower armor with a script, by-passing the TesVEdit requirement and not overwriting the NPC replacers.


Update: Should have specified - would replace default outfit and be worm by the NPCs on first encounter. Also, would overwrite the NPC replacer Outfit only.

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2 hours ago, Seijin8 said:

"The Manipulator" is a mod that can do this.  Available on LL somewhere.

Thanks, had not known of it. A few features not found in Amazing Followers Tweaks. Should have specified, the replacer is for default outfits so that it is worn when you first encounter the NPC.

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