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Releasing a patch for mod from an other modder authorized or not?

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I released a mod that edits humanrace like looksmenu compendium and i want to know if it's authorized to release a patch file for editing the compendium.esp?

This file just contain the differences between my esp and compendium esp (compendium v10 = 384kB, mine = 387kB and patch i would like release = 4kB)


After hours of research if found what's i want here on LL.. :classic_rolleyes:

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Generally speaking, if you are releasing something that uses another's mods assets - you need to check with them and get permission.  For compatibility patches, so your mod works with and doesn't break the original mod - that's generally "ok" in my book, but I still shoot them a PM and let them know, give proper credits, etc.


LMCC's page is mum on this point though, so when I doubt - I notify/ask.

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The patched file don't modify or break original compendium mod , it just adds a "Facial menu".


For fun i made a batch with menu that save/patch original compendium file. It really works fine (checksum verified)


I will try to have permission.

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As stated, try to get permission no matter what course you take.

Have a separate esp clearly labeled as a "patch" to the mod you are patching.  Do not name your file to overwrite the original mod authors file.

This is bad for a number of reasons:

1. Doing that "requires" permission be granted.

2. Doing that can screw up mod users especially if a new revision comes out as they then have trouble updating.


If you are doing it for your own personal use, then do whatever floats your boat.



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