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DW8 Lu Lingqi Head Mesh&Preset for RaceMenu

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Lu Lingqi Head Mesh&Preset for Racemenu


In this pack contain only head mesh & preset for racemenu.

You can find hairstlye in this mod Lu Lingqi Fox armor.


Update 1.1



Eyes of Aber

Better female eyebrows


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    [RaceMenu] [Better female eyebrows] [Eyes of Aber]​​​​​​​
  • Special Edition Compatible


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7 hours ago, DesertPonderer said:

Hmm, I downloaded this and got almost the exact same look, but it is a bit off, probably due to not having the same mods you do. Are there any mods I might need besides the obvious Eyes of Aber and Better Female Brows?




Yes you must have Eyes of aber / better females - eyebrows.



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