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    I find it a bit weird they add this part to an adult website littered with filthy things. Like yeah, you see that person who made the mod where you could shit in each other's mouths? I wonder what he's into. Lmao
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    I usually never post on the forums here, but you'll usually see me giving attention to mods that are under appreciated.

    Outside that, you won't see me contribute much to the forums.

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  1. Nah. Edit: To clarify, no you cannot take active control of the NPC and play as them.
  2. Everything works fine except the facial animations on other NPCs. The animations on the player work fine, but when you try to change the expressions on NPCs they don't budge at all.
  3. Suggestion: 0:40 - 0:55 https://mega.nz/#!RNNBhQ7D!2i4kVQdYDjSN9QAR0uiSXFxV56QY73Ehq00N_qQIgv0 I think it'd be pretty neat
  4. I can't believe you did my request! I'm definitely going to support you on Patreon! If I might add a suggestion to it, though, perhaps make a variant of it where they shake their ass a bit to the rhythm? Use a bit more of the rest of the body, a bit more effort? I'm definitely not ungrateful! Just though I might mention it.
  5. If you're doing requests I'd like to ask for this. Take the first half of the gif and just make it animated, with the hunched shoulders. Much appreciation if you do.
  6. You know, this isn't really all that bad. Seems like the good kind of minimalist design you'd have to stay safe in post-apocalyptic America. Probably one of the only two (mostly) vanilla asset homes I've seen that I enjoy.
  7. The way you have packaged everything has made it unopenable on my end. On two different computers. Would have liked to have given this mod a try, but I'm going to have to give a hard pass on this. If placing it all in one file is doable, I'd do it if I were you.
  8. This mod is in no way made to work with Special Edition. And I don't think DeepBlueFrog has any intention of ever porting this over, either.
  9. The mod is updated, but the files needed aren't here?
  10. At the risk of asking a sore question: Is this mod ever going to be updated in the future? I realize this mod isn't very popular by any means, but I feel like I'm giving my hopes up here - it has been awhile.
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