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Wedge heels

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Hello everybody how are you all doing. i have been a member of loverslab for a few years now but never actually posted anything lol so as a side note (yay first post woohoo xD) anyways back to my post subject. I was unsure weather to place this here or in the non adult section but does anybody have any wedge heel mods for unp or any body compatible with unp. any help would be appreciated, thanks :smile:

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26 minutes ago, demonbk said:

they are like what im after but i was hoping for some wedge heels that are like mules or without ankle straps

Kind of like these. (if you can see the picture lol)

 Image result for wedge heel mules

but these are platform shoes :classic_wink:


Newmillers Heels on Platform NIOVHH for UNP 7B and more



Heels on platform and stockings CBBE UNP ADEC for HDThighheels




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