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Does anybody recognize what might be causing these yellow/green/red circles appearing on my screen?


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I am 90% sure it is from the Better Vampires mod, but I am not positive. I don't think there is a feature that causes these, so it would likely be a bug. I noticed they only appear when I get hit in combat. If I get hit hard, and get low life, they seem to turn red. Yellow seems to be more when im about half health, and green when I am damaged, but not full hp. They are super annoying and if they are a feature, I would like to disable it. 


Edit: I noticed that whenever these orbs were to appear, whenever I would disable my ENB using the keybind to disable ENB ingame, my screen would turn 100% black, unable to see anything other than my UI. Equipping a lightsource would do nothing, completely pitch black. This makes me wonder if its an ENB issue.





weird yellow orbs.jpg

weird green orbs.jpg



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What causes blood in the eyes? I had a feeling it had something to do with blood as well, considering the orbs would pop up when damaged.


Where could I fiddle with options concerning blood? I'm pretty sure I didn't install any blood specific mods.

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Enhanced blood textures might do it, I know it has a blood splash on screen sort-'o-thing.

Yer might have answered yer own question though, better vampires has a whole bunch of forms and abilities wi' various particle effects flying around, and given it's a vampire mod, it wouldnae surprise me if one of them didn't involve blood. Poke around it's mcm menu, I don't have it installed rig't now to check, but I'm pretty sure most of it's abilities and effects can be toggled on and off there.

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