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  1. Thank you for converting this! I was stuck on version 153 for a long time. Much appreciated. And as always, thank you @Inte for updating it.
  2. That's odd, because I tried reinstalling both of these mods within my troubleshooting. I will redownload both and try again. Edit: And test on a new character of course. You were absolutely right. After re-downloading both your mods, and making sure to install both their newest versions and making a fresh character, it has begun working. My mods download folder is a mess with old downloads, so there is a chance I installed an older version. I will be sure to edit my original post to clarify that there is not an incompatibility, and that it was just me being stupid.
  3. This is exactly my problem. I installed the SE version, but I am playing on Special Edition. I also use Sexlab Utility Mod, but the description says this should only be a problem with LE version. I definitely installed the packs correctly, as using the furniture spell works (to little success). The problems I am having are / things I have tried: Using furniture spell, the animations end up un-aligned to the furniture chosen. Often facing backwards to it. Example: Bed animation has the characters standing on the bed performing the animation, instead of on the side. It
  4. Those settings definitely did help. The time to load the animation page is now around 5-10 seconds. Thanks! So is it normal for this mods MCM to be slow on SSE? All my other mods were pretty close to instant. Never had trouble with other mods MCM.
  5. I haven't been super active in Skyrim until recently. I have forgotten, does SUM v1.53 require the UIE patch v1.52? I had it enabled in my load order, but can't remember if I am supposed to. Thanks for that fix for that annoying message, by the way! Does anyone have any info on why the Special Edition conversion was pulled? I know its a matter of time before Prison Overhaul Patched will require a recent version of SUM, and as a Special Edition user, not sure what I will do when that time comes.
  6. Thank you. I am a derp for missing that entire section of the page. Having fun with the mod so far!
  7. Heres what I did for this log. Loaded save file that had already cleaned Sexlab after installing this mod. Went into Sexlab MCM and immediately clicked on Animation Settings Waited around 20 seconds for it to load. Immediately closed MCM, saved and qqq in console to quit the game. I forgot to mention that I am playing on Special Edition. Made sure I am missing no files (reinstalled it from the RAR) and nothing is overwriting it according to MO2. Load order of plugin doesn't seem to make a difference either. I am installing this mod on a used playthrough (
  8. Hey so not sure if this has been brought up before, and saw no mention in the mod description. After installing this mod and properly cleaning and doing the steps listed in the description, every time I open the MCM it takes 10-15 seconds to load the "Animation Settings" page. Not necessarily game breaking, but quite an annoyance. This definitely wasn't happening before installing it. Is this unique to me? Or are others experiencing it. If its unique to me, how would I go about troubleshooting it?
  9. Is it normal for the "Chance of creature rape" in the kennel options to be stuck at 50%? It's greyed out for me and I am unsure how to enable that slider.
  10. At first it wasn't showing for me either. After reloading the save the next day, they appear, but are kinda buggy. There is random text about a "that lazy dog" below the bar. I also cannot disable the widgets either. I can only lower the scale to 0.1. Looked through MCM without seeing an option to disable widgets. Definitely going to wait before adding SGO to my main save.
  11. Hello. I Haven't used Soulgem Oven (or SLIF) since my LE days during SGOII. Wondering what the latest opinions are of SGO4 beta vs SGO3. I have read a bit of the previous posts, but would like some opinions on the advantages/disadvantages of both. Mostly looking for stability, because my current playthrough is really stable and I don't want to wreck it. I read earlier in this thread that in SGO4, the milk cannot be combined into racial powers anymore. That was a neat feature I enjoyed. Is there any purpose to the milk ingredients now in SGO4? Does SGO4 require more or less patches
  12. I'm in the exact same situation apparently. Thank you for the work @Grummkol
  13. Loving the mod so far, with no real issues I have noticed. Would it be possible to add an option to the MCM that allowed these furniture animations to be "tagged" as aggressive animations? Even if many of the furniture animations are not originally designed to be aggressive, many of them are ambiguous and could easily be roleplayed as aggressive. On that note, would I just have to manually tag the furniture animations as aggressive for them to be used? I remember there was a mod back when I played LE that allowed the user to re-tag animations. If that's all I would n
  14. This mod sometimes works for me, other times it doesn't. I'm wondering if its because of certain animations stages not being tagged correctly as blowjob stage..I have it at the bottom of my mod organizer 2's left panel so nothing is overwriting it. It's just very hit or miss for me. Haven't read the previous replies to this thread yet. But I plan to.
  15. I'll give that a shot next time I find my camera stuck. Such a simple thing, I would be surprised if I hadn't tried it before though (not sure if I have or not). Update: I tried this, and my character could pull out her gun, but holding right click to aim it did not work. So this doesn't seem to work for me.
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