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Unofficial OSIRI variants (Feb/26/2018) [40% done]


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Unofficial OSIRI variants by Otakadelic

This is Otakadelic's personal project and the final goal is make available other girls like Naotora or Nyotengu.

there are two rules, one by OSIRI, one by myself:

i. You can not use these models for any kind of commercial activities.

Which means:

  - Can't ask any donations. PayPal, Amazon gift, nothing.

  - Absolutely no link to Patreon.com. Never.

  - Can't use or borrow or steal for any projects associate with Kickstarter/indiegogo or any crowdfundings.

ii. All conversions/modifications done by Otakadelic, not by OSIRI. Do not send private messages to him, send to me if you have any questions.


- Nude Base Models : "OSIRI Lite"


OSIRI's nude models are artistically beautiful however in DOA5LR the limitation of file size is strictly tight. I converted all existing OSIRI nude models to three different sizes. Each archive contains:

1. Original OSIRI nude base model: untouched.

2. OSIRI Lite: Roughly 10 % smaller than original with reduced specular map.

3. OSIRI Extralite: Around 60% of original size, with reduced normal map and specular map.

4. OSIRI Abnormallylite: Almost one third of original file size. Aggressively reduced all textures.


Kokoro Lite: v7.3



Kokoro OSIRI Abnlite: There are visible seams all over the body.  Use extralite if possible.




Kokoro Osiri extralite: There is seam but hard to notice. You can use this.




Kokoro OSIRI Lite: Almost flawless.




Leifang Lite: v7.5.4


Leifang OSIRI Abnlite: I believe this is still beautiful and flawless even abuse like reducing. You can use this.




Leifang OSIRI extralite & lite : Quality is extralite < lite < original but the limitation for Leifang is tighter than other girls. You may ended up with one or two smaller sized Leifang but still has beauty of Leifang and OSIRI.




Mila Lite: v7.3


Mila: It is hard to recognize which one is extralite and which one is original. It is more clearer while game play but you can pick any size of Mila, all has beauty of power, like split sec before throw a hard punch.




Hitomi Lite: v7.3



* few screenshots/explanations will be added here. *


Marie Lite: v6.2



She was tough one. more screenshots/explanations will be added here.


Kasumi Lite: v6.1



* few screenshots/explanations will be added here. *


Ayane Lite: v6.1



* few screenshots/explanations will be added here. *


- Unofficial Osiri Kasumi variants

   WIP. The first Release would be Kasumi v6.1 with smaller nipples.


- Unofficial Osiri Kokoro variants

   WIP. The first Release would be Kokoro v7.3 with brighter colored nipples.


- Unofficial Osiri Naotora

- Unofficial Osiri Nyotengu

- Unofficial Osiri Mai

- Unofficial Osiri Honoka

   All are planned yet far from release.

   If you can't wait then download my "Enslaved Beauties" MOD. You can get very early version of these(except Honoka). The main issue is neck seam. Conditions are slightly noticeable to apparently weird.



edit1: added future plans.



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While the thread and links may die, the files are preserved. Theyre still up as of mid 2021. Let me know if that changes, I can reupload them.


I've been gathering gigabytes of user created autolink ready outfits for some time. I had to start from scratch again back in 2017 due to a fucking HDD failure, To this day some of those files still haven't resurfaced online. I've always liked these original Osiri designs...they're more natural than other variants.

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