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incest story need

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We need a Skyrim Incest questline

 i have some few idea but not enough and no progaming skill  so i going add the few ideas i hav here so anyone who hav the skill can if they want to create a good MOD 


1. different storys for male and female to  avoid gay/lesbion if you don't want it maybe two or more version of the mod with different femily member so you chouse

2. uncle and aunt  not just bro and sister  mom and dad 

3. your charters is adopted so you don't have to think about the race you chouse for realtic

4. add big house in fiting locetion the family livs in


please someone make something like this add all the ideas want and cheate  just the story want just make it incest please 

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2.Uncle and aunt, if they are married are not incest, same with mom and dad. Unless you talk about for example dad and sister, but it's hard to figure out what do you mean.
3.If u will be adopted it will technically not be incest anymore.

Are you sure you can be at +18 site?

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