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[Request or mod idea] Sexual Vampirism

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I wonder if there's a mod (or rather I have a idea of a mod) where Vampires can feed during sex?


Especially if this could be a way for Serena for example can turn you into a Vampire Lord via sex? That way I guess you don't have to marry Serena where you could just have sex with her anyways especially all the blood play and such...





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There are a few options adding sexual content to Vampires. Not sure of any interaction where say, Serana can turn the player, but...


Sexual Vampire Feeding - Adds sexual interactions for Vampires that includes feeding. 


Vampire Thralls Sex Slaves - Gives sex options to the Thralls in Volkihar Keep, and should work for any mod added thralls - including the player created ones with Better Vampires. 


Amorous Adventures - Adds voiced(using vanilla spliced dialogue), to many NPCs and followers, including Serana. Not sure if this adds any kind of sexual interaction to her turning you if playing the Dawnguard side of the questline. 

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