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the Radiant Prostitution mod (linked by Madcatter) is best for if you are going to only sell yourself


Maria Eden is another good mod, but the last time i played it it did NOT play nice with other mods i used (Slavery mods, DD mods, and some others), so while

it is a good mod make sure to read its documentation (and reading its support thread, which i will freely admit is long, would not hurt either)


for selling others a choice would be TDF Prostitution (and yes you can sell yourself with that mod, but that part can be turned off if you use Radiant

Prostitution with it)




and the add-on for being able to have more "workers" working for you is 




hope this information is helpful


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On 13.2.2018 at 3:54 AM, LordSarcasm said:

down-on-her-luck prostitute

Sorry to ask this, but how can a prostitute be "up-on-her-luck"?


If you were refering to someone who was sold from "consensual" prostitution into slavery - that is the word you would have to check the DL section for. Lot's of content for that. Even with quest mods, like Delzaron created.

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