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Gods Cursed Chastity Set

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Can someone tell me what quest/mod put Gods Cursed Chastity Belt in the game? I noticed through console there is a whole set of cursed gear, but so far i've only found the chastity belt. Is it an extremely rare Cursed Loot drop? Or maybe something Captured Dreams was playing around with? Thanks for any info you can offer... if you don't want to spoil how this comes to the poor hapless adventurer, at least give me some hints...



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I have assistance for you. =D
Step 1: open console ("~" key)
Step 2: Type
help "Gods Cursed Chastity Belt" (or whatever the EXACT name is)
This will bring up the object's reference code.
The FIRST TWO digits are the esp/esm it comes from, in hexadecimal, in your load order.

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