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  1. It would help if you posted the following information: The quest you are trying to start The mod the quest comes from Your load order
  2. It does a little bit more than that, and is highly customizable.
  3. Fallout simply isn't as popular as Skyrim. For whatever reason, future (and retro-future) aesthetic tends to lack in broad appeal, which I find to be quite a shame. Fantasy is king in popular culture, and Skyrim falls squarely in that category; Fallout does not.
  4. Sorry to be "that guy", but I've got to ask: is this project still active? There haven't been any updates anywhere that I can find (here or Patreon) since April 2020. 🙁
  5. That's funny, I don't see "beta" anywhere on this page (other than thanking a list of beta-testers):
  6. I wasn't aware DD5 had been officially released. Honestly, I was expecting the individual downloads to get updated, so that's how I missed it. I'm about to be out of state for the next month week, so I'll find some time to look at it once I get back.
  7. If I were to suggest "categories" for equipment replacement, it would be something along these lines: Armor/Clothing --> Harness, dress, etc. Gloves --> Arm cuffs Rings --> Wrist bindings Necklace/Amulet --> Collar Helmet/Circlet --> Gag Boots/Shoes --> Umm... boots Primarily, that just leaves leg cuffs without a corresponding piece of clothing. I don't think I'm missing anything from the default clothing/accessories, so I'm not sure what you'd assign to leg cuffs unless maybe you just paired them up with the arm cuffs? Als
  8. Is anyone able to back-port this to LE, and convert it to UUNP? I'd be grateful. 🙂
  9. These are *REALLY* nice looking. Too bad I'm a stick-in-the-mud regarding LE - too much effort to "upgrade" to SE. 😞
  10. Probably, but I cannot confirm as I have not tested SSE compatibility.
  11. XPMSE is generally pretty good about incorporating the bones of every other mod. If you have a mod that *HAS* to overwrite XPMSE, you're probably going to run into other skeletal issues in your playthrough, so it's probably not a good idea to run those mods.
  12. Second one looks like a mash-up, it looks like it's using one of the chastity belt meshes from Devious Devices for Fallout 4.
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