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  1. That's funny, I don't see "beta" anywhere on this page (other than thanking a list of beta-testers):
  2. I wasn't aware DD5 had been officially released. Honestly, I was expecting the individual downloads to get updated, so that's how I missed it. I'm about to be out of state for the next month week, so I'll find some time to look at it once I get back.
  3. If I were to suggest "categories" for equipment replacement, it would be something along these lines: Armor/Clothing --> Harness, dress, etc. Gloves --> Arm cuffs Rings --> Wrist bindings Necklace/Amulet --> Collar Helmet/Circlet --> Gag Boots/Shoes --> Umm... boots Primarily, that just leaves leg cuffs without a corresponding piece of clothing. I don't think I'm missing anything from the default clothing/accessories, so I'm not sure what you'd assign to leg cuffs unless maybe you just paired them up with the arm cuffs? Also, feel free to reference my mod below for scripting ideas, particularly in random equipment selection, safety checks, and coding an MCM. It's an LE mod, but the scripting doesn't really change (except maybe the MCM? dunno...).
  4. Is anyone able to back-port this to LE, and convert it to UUNP? I'd be grateful. 🙂
  5. These are *REALLY* nice looking. Too bad I'm a stick-in-the-mud regarding LE - too much effort to "upgrade" to SE. 😞
  6. Probably, but I cannot confirm as I have not tested SSE compatibility.
  7. XPMSE is generally pretty good about incorporating the bones of every other mod. If you have a mod that *HAS* to overwrite XPMSE, you're probably going to run into other skeletal issues in your playthrough, so it's probably not a good idea to run those mods.
  8. Second one looks like a mash-up, it looks like it's using one of the chastity belt meshes from Devious Devices for Fallout 4.
  9. You would need to manually edit the formlists that each mod uses.
  10. Bad idea without also doing save cleaning. I recommend Googling that.
  11. Honestly, I'd just get one of these: https://amzn.to/3cuaUYR I have one, and it's an inexpensive way to try out VR. It also works great! I've been enjoying HL: Alyx with it.
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