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Breasts cave in due to weapons mod. Please help!


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O.K. so as you can see I believe I found the issue, hopefully that will make it easier for someone to help me. I haven't done any modding in awhile so I forget how I forget how I had fixed it before. I installed all the necessary mods for hdt physics to work but once I installed a mod to place both swords on back the breasts on my character cave in and the ass goes wonky. I know theres a way to fix it I just don't remember. please help! The mod is Skyrim weapon postion-weapons on back. thank you.

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That is probably because that mod you installed came with it's own skeleton and it overwrote your good skeleton and caused your problem. If you are using SOS reinstall it then reinstall XPMSE and let it overwrite all skeletons and also make sure that XPMSE is as far down on the load order as possible to prevent conflicts.

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