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Adams and Eves on a Watery Planet

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How about a quest where you are kidnapped by Aliens and they sent you into a watery world with small islands completly naked with no weapons of any sort.(must create a new map with a bunch of tiny islands)

you are sent(as a Female) along with best males candidates the aliens choose around the world, for their secrets experiences.

the islands has everything for survival:fruit, fish, drinkable water, raw materials for building primitive huts, firecamp, create skimpy leaf clothes and so on.

The objective of this mod is quite obvious: have sex with the adam, procreate and survive(it should be in survival mode for deep experience).

the Female at the beginning might choose to resist to have any affairs with "Adam", but Adam has been choosen for the best candidate for a reason(he's cunning) he will trick you by giving you a fruit that has afrodisiac effects to put you in heat, or convince you the way to return home might be doing sex. After doing sex you are his property, He will give you job about what you should do: you're going to do the cooking, the building, the fishing, the gathering and satisfying sexually the Adam.

But you are wondering:the title says "Adams" where are they?

well they are in the other islands, all you have to do is swimming to their places, and by reaching them it might generate conflict between the Adams; yes they will fight for you when they discover that there are others.

After the alfa-Adam defeat the others Adams, the Aliens will sent Eves, for the same thing: you will fight for the Dominant Adam not only through fight but seducing Adam or trick others Eves; Adam Forbade any kills or the responsible Eve will be rejected.

After all this the Adam will have a Harem of Eves fighting for him(yeah the local Flora has those effects to fell in love for Adam); Now is time to procriate you will spent most of your time pregnant, doing chores for Adam and taking care of kids until the aliens give you a choice: be there for a while longer like a Year ingame or return to your Homeworld.

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