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bright and dim meshes of Skyrim


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hi everyone! not sure bout forum for my question, sorry for it.


I have a problem. I'm converting shoulder pads for Skyrim. one of them is an original shoulder pad, the second one I clone and mirror from the first to get a copy in 3Ds MAX 2012. in the editor everything looks good. when I'm converting shoulder pads separately, it turns out that one shoulder as bright as is, and the second becomes dull. The mesh even without texture in the nif scope looks dim. in the game, respectively, one shoulder is bright, the second is dim. I do them equally in everything except that one is obtained from the first in 3ds max by cloning and mirroring. tell me, what am I doing wrong?


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If I was trouble shooting this issue my first guess would be that the normals on the mirrored mesh are just inverted.  It's a quick test to just throw a normal modifier on it to flip the normals and re-export. 

If that doesn't fix it reset xforms and/or box trick it to see if max threw some extra data onto the mesh. 

Hope that helps.

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