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Cant use any of the Four-Play Mods


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Hi. I followed this guide :https://www.loverslab.com/topic/76277-four-play-beginner-friendly-installation-guide-comprehensive-tutorial-to-sexualise-your-fo4/ . But i cant seem to be able to get the mods to initialize. Four play sex em up appears in mcm but that's it. Vinfamy's control panel doesnt work and i cant do anything nasty :(

Mod List:

Four-play V0.8.2

F04 animations by Leito V1.2

Crazy animations (NMM Gun version) V 3.11.7

Dongs of fallout

Diverse Bodies

Four-play animations by crazy

Four play community patch

Four play violate

Four play sex em up

Vinfamy's control panel

I'm using NMM and F04 version 1.10.50

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Do you have the correct F4SE?  You are running FO4 1.10.50, which is a version behind the current F4SE, which supports game version 1.10.64.  You would see an error when using an incorrect version of F4SE on load, which should prevent the game from loading. 


Also, are you loading the game from the F4SE launch exe?  This is required to inject F4SE into your game.  Since Four-Play depends on F4SE, all mods using it would likely also not function, if F4SE was not used to launch the game.

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