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A mod idea\request

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I guess many people have seen this picture




I was completely fascinated by this idea. I thought about a special followers’ framework mod concept. I post it here. May be someone will interested in creating such a mod...


Imagine a mod where you can buy an enchanted seed from a mysterious vendor. Someone like this man on the picture.




You plant it into a flowerpot (can added to the range of goods of vanilla general shops or there could be a standalone flowerpot shop in the mod) and take care of it. You water it every day. In three days (you need to water it 3 times and wait a day after each “irrigation”) a head pops up. You can speak to the head, can make the head sing for you...(there is also an option of attaching here some special animations for those who are interested)



At this stage the head stops growing until you buy a larger flowerpot and transplant there the head (with the soil it has grown from), so that it can continue to grow. Now you have to think about the body type that you want to grow. The choice mechanism can be implemented in several ways. For example you can one of a few different admixtures (1 CBBE, 2 UNP, 3 SevenBase, 4 Dreamgirl, 4 UNPCM, etc) that you pour into the water before irrigation. You continue to water the big flowerpot with the head and in 3 days the body is there. You can speak to the head, can make the head sing for you, play a musical instrument...(more options of attaching here special animations for those who are interested)


However the NPC that grows from the big flowerpot still cannot move. The NPC is stuck up to her knees in the flowerpot. At this stage the NPC stops growing again.

Now you need a new admixture to safely pull the NPC’s calves and feet from the flowerpot. You have to go to the mysterious vendor again. Once the admixture bought, you continue to water the pot and in 3 days the NPC gets out of it.


The NPC can be recruited as a follower, dismissed, or (with a special spell) stored into a greenhouse as a talking head in a small flowerpot (any time the head can be dispelled back into the NPC and recruited as a follower).

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11 hours ago, winny257 said:

and what are you doing if you get a wrong seed corn?
when you plant the seed, a head grows but what kind of one, good appetite for the plant, smack, smack, smack. lachende-smileys-347.gif

Hey, winny257!

This is actually a very interesting idea that could be incorporated into this mod :smile:. No kidding, I really think so


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