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Any way to reduce frequency of Rust Devil attacks?


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Ok, I'm through with the Mechanist quest line, but now I have the issue of pretty much incessant Rust Devil attacks. I can't get any work done on my weapons and armor in any open settlement because invariably, the Rust Devils will attack, sometimes even twice within a few minutes. Practically the moment I open the workbench, I can hear the defense turrets kicking into action...


Is there a way to reduce the frequency of these attacks, either by kicking some butt at a key location or, if all else fails, by console command? Not the least, getting the spare parts for the defenses is getting tedious. All else fails, of course, I can still relocate all work to Home Plate, but for RP purposes, I'd rather not do that. All the more since it's pretty silly for them to keeping on coming so frequently even after taking out one of their main camps and they routinely getting a bloody nose at mine. I've been so frustrated I've been using console commands to take them out, but I'd rather not have them coming in the first place... or rather at least not as frequently. Given the number of Rust Devils killed already, they must have a secret cloning facility somewhere...

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