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  1. Strange, I am having the same problem and can't seem to be able to fix it. Updated the main mod to the merged version, reinstalled KS Hairdos, dragged Hairdos almost all the way to the end of the load order, nothing seems to help.
  2. So given the pertinent quest, how DOES opening up a straight NPC to their not-so-straight side work in principle?
  3. FYI, I actived the mod on a different profile in MO2 and had the same problem. Getting messages that affection increased but nothing but N/A in the MCM. Also, I got an "liked that" without a name before I even got my first follower for that character. Ideally of course, you've already solved the problem completely, though just in case, I thought the info might be useful to understand what's happening.
  4. Any timeframe for that? I'm also having the MCM issue
  5. Does it have to be disabled on a previous load? As in, before a dragon triggered the bug? Because I've disabled it now that I saw the entires here but my follower keeps pestering me.
  6. Does it require any extra steps to use in SSE or will it work out of the box?
  7. Anyone have a solution for this, I'm getting the same problem.
  8. Thanks - strangely enough, it doesn't seem to trigger for me. After a whole bunch of "tours", as well as asking her troops to dominate her, my character's slavery level is beyond 800 now. What does "in town" mean specifically? Waiting? I mean, I occasionally get some events firing for a fraction of a second that disappear immediately, but I would have thought this would fire like any other event from the series with opportunity to click, yes?
  9. Can anyone decipher what the preconditions for TBRandomEventsFemale_Slavery_Blackmail are? It doesn't seem to trigger for me, even though my character had extensive "experience".
  10. TBCaptivityEventsExtensions seems to work just fine for me - though I'm not on the Beta
  11. Whoring herself out to Ahtar by order of her Mistress Jenassa, who watches from the door. Being ass-trained by Mistress Jenassa
  12. I'm using the newer resubmission version of "Submissive Lola" and the Mistress forced the PC to wear a hobble dress in town. Went out of town, was allowed to take off the dress, but the hobble effect seemed to be stuck in a way that I get a message when I want to put on something else that I can't equip that "over your hobble". But there is no hobble. Even if the PC is butt naked except for her collar, the message persists. Does anyone have an idea how I could remove the effect? Putting the dress on again and then taking it off again won't work. Is there a console command I could use?
  13. Had a weird glitch. I just loaded up the game, loaded my last save. In the save game list, it had the correct name of the character. But when the save had loaded, my female character had turned into a male default John Smith!? (Note: all established contacts were still there)
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